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  1. Drz400 passenger pegs wanted

    looking for drz passenger pegs or at least the mounts for them.. if anyone has some to sell hmu! thanks guys!
  2. WTB: 2007 Husqvarna SMR 510 - Passenger Pegs

    Anyone able to sell me a set of passenger pegs for 2007 Husky SMR 510?
  3. 510 smr passenger footpegs

    If anyone has complete passenger footpegs for a te or smr 510 please let me know. Thanks
  4. KTM 690 SMC Passenger/Rear Foot Rests

    I am selling my rear passenger foot rests from my 2008 KTM 690 SMC. They have only been used a couple times, and I don't plan on using them anymore. So they're off the bike and collecting dust. They can be yours for $85 OBO. Brand new they retail for a total of over $200 (since you have to buy...
  5. How to put down drz passenger pegs

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I know this is supid but i cannot for the life of me fold down my drz400 passenger footpegs. is there some sort of lock/unlock thing or am i just really weak??:headscrat