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  1. New member looking for aftermarket part advice for 2018 Yamaha 2018 WR250r

    Hi guys, new to the site... Wanted advice on what was recommended for AM exhaust - Yoshi? FMF? Graves? Something Else? Looking for something that helps performance, but that doesn't piss off the neighbors. Airfilter? K&N? Other company? Sprockets? Wanted to keep my top speed as high as...
  2. Looking for (US) national SM parts company which has large online presence?

    Street Tarders
    I've been in the KTM/Husqvarna forums for the past couple years. The 2 companies listed on this site as "Site Sponsors" have been the only two company's I've worked with on specific SM set ups or parts. One of them hasn't responded to posts in a while. I've tried on here, their email and phone...
  3. Wtb wr250x stunt parts

    I'm wanting to buy some stunt parts for my yamaha wr250x. I'm looking for a wheelie foot bar, some axle/frame sliders. Some foot pegs. Also something to protect my pipe, like the 50stunt pegs... Let me know what you have please. I am willing to buy used stuff all day as long as it isn't rashed...
  4. SUPERMOTO/KTM PARTS - No Longer Available

    Bike Parts
    SUPERMOTO/KTM PARTS Please contact me at [email protected] 4 piston Beringer Front brake caliper $300 KTM factory air filter kit (includes 2 filters) $150 2007-2010 #sxs.08.450.200 Rear brake reservoir extender $25 fits 04-15 ktm sx/exc/smr part #548.13.960.050 KTM step up seat...
  5. 16.5 & 17 inch super moto rims & tires for sale. - No Longer Available

    Bike Parts
    16.5 & 17 inch super moto rims & tires for sale. Excel Rim with Orange Hub- $315 Rain Tires - $275 16.5 Inch Front Rim w/ rain tire- $250 16.5 Inch Front Rim w/tire- $250 Brake Disc Relocation Bracket for larger brake caliper-$150 K&N High Flow Air Filter $150 Red Baron Adjustable Super Moto...
  6. WTB: 08 510 Smr parts

    I'm looking for aftermarket parts and some stock ones as well. Stock riser insert and bolts and a stock link for the rear shock to swingarm. Aftermarkets : just about any, sliders , pcv w auto tune, stabilizer under bar or over, shark fins, radiator guards, plastics graphics, ims tank, billet...
  7. 2009 Suzuki DRZ400SM Complete Part Out - Mint Condition

    Bike Parts
    THANKS TO ALL THE BUYERS, THREAD CAN BE CLOSED. Sold Items: -Excel Takasago Supermoto Wheels with Michelin Pilot Power Tires - SOLD -Handlebars Fat - SOLD -Front Forks with Fork Protectors - SOLD -Swingarm with Shock Linkage - SOLD -Rear Shock and Spring Combo - SOLD -Rear Brake Assembly - SOLD...
  8. 2008 DRZ400SM Motor Part out!!!

    Bike Parts
    Hi I am parting out a motor from my drz400sm. I am parting it because SOme bearings need to be replaced and it needs a new oil pump. I didn't want to pay 900 in labor fees so i bought a new motor and installed it. Still Have the passenger pegs! SOLD STATOR COVER, CYLINDER HEAD Everything...
  9. Need 04-honda crf450r engine

    I am in need of a crf450r motor for my SM.. im not 100% sure what years will work in my 2004 crf450r bike if anyone has info on the years or a motor i would like to know ASAP thanks..
  10. Looking for a 2007 Aprilia SXV Connecting Rod (AP9150315)

    Hey Guys, Im new to this site but have been lurking for months hahaha. I am contemplating buying a 2007 SXV 550 with a blown motor. Basically all of the parts are in stock except this connecting rod PN: AP9150315. I have spoken to the guys at AF1 racing and they said they are on backorder with...
  11. 07 KTM SMR Parts

    Bike Parts
    • 2007 SMR 560 Front #Plate $10 each • 2007 SMR 560 Exhaust Pipe $50 • 2007 SMR H&H Graphics Kit $50
  12. KTM 07 SMR 560 Parts

    Bike Parts
    • 2007 SMR 560 Rear Fender, $40 - Sold • 2007 SMR 560 Front Fender, $20 - Sold • 2007 SMR 560 Front #Plate, $15 • 2007 SMR 560 Exhaust Pipe, $100 • 2007 SMR 560 Fork Guards, $20 - Sold
  13. sumo rims/ parts or whole new bike

    i have a old 1980 can am im looking to sumo. looking for rims and whatever else people have to offer. im 17 so im on a real good budget (main reason for the 1980 bike!).:)
  14. SM 610 Piston/Cylinder Kits - Differences?

    Hey all, Noticed in the parts book we have 2 part numbers for cylinder/piston kits: 8000 A5012 - Cylinder assy 8000 A5011 - Cylinder assy - Note "A", which translates as "In Alternative" in the notes index. Can anyone shed any light on the difference between these kits? DB
  15. Ktm parts...

    Bike Parts
    Sadly i don't have enough room to storage more Stuff... Selling. All these plus shipping. USPS is the easiest for me. Front and Rear Excel Dirt Wheels with almost new Maxxis knobby Tires $650 obo W/O Rotors or Sprocket. 13L KTM XC Fuel Tank AND Seat. $290 Got a Brembo 320 caliper adapter...
  16. Parts List and tips for Converting WR450F to street tard

    Street Tarders
    Hey all, Im actually more of a quad guy, but moved to the city two years ago. In the two years I rode my quad(Honda 450) twice. I thus sold it. Being in the city there's obviously a LOT of traffic(Johannesburg South Africa) and I decided to get a bike for commuting(among other) purposes. I...
  17. PART OUT: 2001 DRZ400E, sm parts, fun parts, clean parts. (western mass)

    Bike Parts
    All parts came from a very clean running 2001 drz400e, mostly converted to sm 15-20 hours while on dirt, 550 miles since conversion. I can't register it in mass for street use and it all has got to go :( these are used parts! have a question? ask! pictures on request. :::::::::::::: Motor...
  18. junkie discounts at motostrano

    Site Sponsor Sales
    Reminder and re-post that all Supermotojunkie members are entitled to 5% off any purchase on our web site, Do the math: buying a set of wheels, leathers, brakes, whatever, can hook you up with a free dinner at a fine restaurant with a fine babe on the other side of the table...