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  1. Resurgence Gear Pekev Jeans

    Street Tarders
    Anyone have these? I'm getting all my gear together and trying to decide on what pants. I'm pretty sure I want some jean type so I can still wear them when I get off the bike. From what I hear these are good and RHOK used to have the rights to the PEKEV but not anymore? I don't want to cheap out...
  2. What gear?

    Street Tarders
    I'm in the market for some quality gear. So far I have a icon variant and just some A* smx-2 air carbon gloves. I'm looking for a jacket, pants, and boots but the choices are just overwhelming. I'm riding like 90% street (commuting, around town) 10% dirt/trails and 0% track. For the jacket I...
  3. New Gear

    So, I'm looking to get some good, high visibility, water proof, but can still save my skin pants. I've been ridding around in my insulated Carheart coveralls for sometime now and I'm ready to upgrade. Any ideas or particular brands I should check out? I don't need to look like I just walked...
  4. Temporarily leaving the sport gear sale

    I'm temporaily getting out of the sport and selling all of my gear. Everything listed is used unless otherwise stated. I will be listing more items when I get more time to take pics. If you see something you like send me a offer. SOLD...Shift Redline leather pants with replaceable knee sliders...
  5. having trouble buying riding pants/leathers that fit

    wondering where the folks with abnormal body types find riding gear? i'm 6'3 260 lbs, not obese or athletic in build, sort of like an offensive tackle. i wear a 38/40 waist and 30 inseam, my legs are short and really thick, my torso and upper body is long, my arms are relatively short. i'm just...
  6. Dainese Delta Perforated Leather Pants EU Size 46/US ~30

    Price: $400+shipping They seem to go for $499 everywhere I've seen, so I figured $100 off sounded reasonable? Location: Seattle Only got to wear them a handful of times, but I got compliments every time. They're awesome pants, but I started weightlifting again shortly after I bought them and I...
  7. TLD Gear Supermoto Pants Oxtar Boot MX Jerseys + More Tire Warmers

    Troy Lee Designs Supermoto Gear Speed Jersey (L) and Leather Pants (Sz 34) New this year never been down. SOLD! Speed Jacket Leather Chest Protector SZ L/ XL Took out some of the webbing SOLD! Oxtar Supermoto Boots Sz 10 with extra set of replaceable soles. Dusty but in great condition...