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  1. Gas in Oil?

    Hello, I am new to supermotos (new to anything that doesn't have 4 cylinders actually...) and I just bought a 2008 SMR 510 with the factory power up kit, 3500 miles on it. Bike runs awesome, lots of power. Only thing I noticed was if it's idling and I blip the throttle hard, it will die 1 out...
  2. 2 different colors of oil in oil change

    I recently bought a DRZ and am having a hell of a time with it. I need a new top head ( that's a whole different story!) and possibly a motor for the right price. I think I've...
  3. What oil do you guys reccomend ?

    Street Tarders
    Just bought A 2005 drz400sm and want to freshen it up with an oil change and was wondering what oil should I run :headscrat ? Thanks for any info :thumbup:
  4. Husqvarna 610 sm oil can symbol flashing? HELP!!??

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey there, I'm looking at buying a pre-owned 2007 Husky 610sm. It has just over 3100km on it but has been sitting for most of the last two years. The LCD instrument display shows a flashing oil can symbol...the owner says this is just a code that reminds the owner to change the oil and he has...
  5. bike setup... crankcase breather... 08 crf450r

    Ryan Moore's Supermoto Street Style
    what have you wheelie'ers been doing with this? just checked schematics and i am pretty sure it is the same system used on all crf450's and crf250's... (and probably every friggin' 250 or 450 there is) there is a tube from the top of the valve cover about 6 inches long, a tee, then one tube...