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  1. General SuperMoto Chat
    Okay, I'm new to the Huskies and looking for a little input. I recently just snagged a 2018 husqvarna 701 with 900miles. The previous owner claims he meticulously took care of it, ( no signs he didnt, bike is in great shape) he has already done 2 oil changes, the first one at 620miles and had...
  2. Yamaha
    I have pretty much decided on building a yz450 for street use, if I can find a wr for a good price I will go that route, however they are rare and more expensive, but say I do the yz450f, how much can I extend the oil changes? I know it has small oil capacity, so would buying a extended clutch...
  3. Suzuki
    I recently bought a DRZ and am having a hell of a time with it. I need a new top head ( that's a whole different story!) and possibly a motor for the right price. I think I've...
  4. Street Tarders
    Just bought A 2005 drz400sm and want to freshen it up with an oil change and was wondering what oil should I run :headscrat ? Thanks for any info :thumbup:
  5. KTM
    Hi, i just change the oil and i feel it's louder and has more vibration :headscrat Maybe it's because i was stop by a cop and gave me a ticket because it was to loud, maybe it the same and my head it's playing with me, he stop me because speeding and riding between cars and other bullshit, but...
1-5 of 5 Results