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  1. 2001 Husaberg FS 650 rebuild & makeover

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    I recently acquired a Husbaerg fs 650 2001, the thing is crazy fast but needs a little love. The bike when i got it Teardown As you can se from the milk in the engine, there is a coolant leak. Engine is sent to Morstad Motor for full workover :)) Meanwhile I have time to fix some...
  2. Greetings from norway !

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hello, im new to the forum. Im norwegian, i live in a small town, and theres no race tracks close by, so i havent done any supermoto racing yet. so i stick to goon riding, I have fun where i can have fun, and with a supermotard theres no limits :clap: I have a husaberg FS650 2007 street legal...