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  1. X-Racing Exhaust in Carbon Fiber Composite for a 510 SMR, yay or nay?

    Hi all, I'm about to pull the trigger on a set of twin mufflers for my 2009 Husq 510 SMR. The second hand market is empty, and most mainstream brands are not made anymore or way to expensive, so I resorted to two small brands whom still build systems for this bike: Fresco These are quite nice...
  2. Muffler Rub

    Street Tarders
    My 17"s are understandably rubbing my FMF muffler on occasion. I assume this is when my wife hops on the bike for a short ride. I know that I can add spacers, but I want to keep the plastic/muffler where it is due to the luxury of easily having a second rider hopping on for easy-going rides. Is...
  3. WTT: DRZ gel seat for stock seat

    Wanted to trade stock black drz seat for my good condition black gel seat.
  4. Husqvarna SM450R Stock Exhaust

    Bike Parts
    I have a stock exhaust system from my 07 SM450R that I don't need. Replaced this at year one after getting the bike, so it's in perfect condition. No scratches, dirt, or any blemishes. Been stored in a box in my basement since 2008. This is the full system, from the head back. I have it in a...
  5. heat wrap on muffler

    ive been using this site for about a month helping me with my wr250x and this is my first post. anyway, i have a FMF power core 4 on my wrx and i want to put some DEI heat wrap on it so my girlfriend wont burn her leg. All ive been able to find is people wrapping their header but can you wrap...