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  1. Dubya Supermoto Wheels WOW $1099??

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    Finally - a better than budget set of quality wheels that still won't break the bank! We are pleased to announce the release of Dubya Supermoto Wheel Sets. Dubya Supermoto Wheel Sets are laced with a Talon Evo Billet hubs and...
  2. 2013 WR450 (first supermoto!)

    Project Builds Showcase
    Just got a used 2013 Yamaha WR450! I have rode dirtbikes for years and also have a crf250r. recently my cousin converted his wr250 to supermotot and i loved the thing. So or my 18th birthday I got this WR450. I'm going to be working on getting it into supermoto trim over the next few weeks...
  3. E-Bikes - a new kind of BRAAAP!

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    If you've been to our web site or store lately you've noticed a strong emphasis on electric bikes and in particular electric mountain bikes. If you're into mountain bikes and motos, you'll love the feeling of riding an electric mountain bike, making it a whole new experience. Our top brand...
  4. Kids Racing Gloves - GIMOTO

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    GIMOTO Kids Road Race Gloves. Size 5 or size 8. Just one of each size in stock. These are the gloves to get if your kid is a racer or wants to be a racer. Perfect fit. Pro level protection in a kids size glove.
  5. Custom Color Supermoto wheels

    We do the full range of colors for most wheel brands: Warp 9, Excel, DNA. Warp 9 allows full color edits. DNA too. For excel we can do Hub, Spoke and Nip.
  6. Supermoto Wheels

    Supermoto pics/vids
    Some videoss we did recently for some of our supermoto wheels. This one talks about some DNA wheels:
  7. Beringer Supermoto Brakes

    A recent package. Beautiful green in time for St Patty's Day.
  8. El Tigre Blanco: 2007 WR250F-SM Build

    Project Builds Showcase
    Hello everyone, I'm new here and this is actually my first post. This is my latest project that I've dubbed El Tigre Blanco. The plan is to build a street legal Supermoto bike to save gas and use as a fun way to get around. I've been wanting to build a Supermoto bike for several years now, so a...
  9. Leo Vince KTM 950 Supermoto Exhaust - CARBON - SALE

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    Great deal on a slip-on Carbon exhaust for your KTM 950. Only 7 left at this price as of today.
  10. Acerbis Vision Handuards @ Motostrano

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    Acerbis has put out another great product with their Vision Handguards. Integrated and adjustable LED lights give you additional light poewr. Great for motard and naked sport bikes, as well ADV riders. Available in Black...
  11. new motostrano web site

    Hey Guys We put out a new web site design today. I'd love some feedback from our core supermoto customers, if possible. check it out: and let me know! Thanks! Joe
  12. Motostrano California ""WINTER"" Fest Event Bike Show Swap Meet Music Thing

    Motostrano California ""WINTER"" Fest Event Bike Show Swap Meet Music Thing This Saturday we're having an event of sorts at our store in Redwood City. It's more of a bicycle thing, but moto are welcome too! You ARE INVITED to : Motostrano's California ""WINTER"" Fest Event Bike Show Swap...
  13. Pre-Order the SIDI Crossfire 2 SRS Boot now

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    Motostrano is now taking pre-orders for the 2013 SIDI Crossfire 2 SRS Boot. Dig it. Delivery some time end of Jan early Feb.
  14. Acerbis supermoto Handguards + Free Spare Shield Deal /

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    We have a surplus of white Acerbis replacement hand shields so.... any order of the standard Black or White Handguards until that extra stash is gone will get a free set of replacement shields! order here: Thanks! use the...
  15. Motostrano 10 Year Anniversary Party

    This September marks Motostrano's 10th year in business. To celebrate this miraculous accident and to thank all the local customers who've stuck with us through our 10 years, we are planning a "Thing". The "Thing" will take place on Saturday 29 September and last most of the day and maybe even...
  16. MSR Expedition Helmet

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    MSR has put their hat in the Dual-Sport / Motard helmet ring with the MSR Expedition Helmet. I saw one today. They are due to ship in the next couple weeks.
  17. the perfect Valentines day gift

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    A beautiful red STM slipper clutch. check out the deals on honda and ktm clutches!
  18. New ICON Variant Helmets: Construct and Battlescar

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    ICON has put out some killer new models of the very popular Variant helmet. The new ICON Variant Construct and the ICON Variant Battlescar Helmets look great and have all the same technical features of the original
  19. Alpinestars Octane Supermoto Glove Sale

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    A new 2012 version of the Octane Supermoto Gloves gloves is coming out along with a price increase, so the old ones are now on clearance and we have them on sale here:
  20. new Alpinestars

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    Some new stuff coming out from Alpinestars. The Alpinestars GP Tech Air Jacket, is essentially, half an Alpinestars Race Replica Suit.