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  1. What fuel is best for break-in?

    Supermoto Tips & Technique
    Ive just rebuilt my 06 husky smr510 and I am curious what is recommended for my first few tanks. Was possibly thinking about race fuel but not too sure if the lead in race fuel wouldnt be ideal.
  2. Dr-z400s

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    OK first off I'm thinking about Re-jetting my suzuki DR-Z400S 4 stroke I was looking at the dynojet kit not much reviews on it. Than I looked up JD Jetting kit and people seem to like it better than the dynojet but to the point which one would be better and do I have to do any mods to my bike?
  3. WTB: DRZ400SM motor

    My 07' Suzuki DRZ400SM's cam chain jumped a few teeth and bent a valve. Will be selling the motor, but in the mean time, would like to replace the entire motor with a used functioning one. If you have a complete motor or know of any reliable sources, please let me know! Thank you!
  4. 2008 DRZ400SM Motor Part out!!!

    Bike Parts
    Hi I am parting out a motor from my drz400sm. I am parting it because SOme bearings need to be replaced and it needs a new oil pump. I didn't want to pay 900 in labor fees so i bought a new motor and installed it. Still Have the passenger pegs! SOLD STATOR COVER, CYLINDER HEAD Everything...
  5. Looking for a 2007 Aprilia SXV Connecting Rod (AP9150315)

    Hey Guys, Im new to this site but have been lurking for months hahaha. I am contemplating buying a 2007 SXV 550 with a blown motor. Basically all of the parts are in stock except this connecting rod PN: AP9150315. I have spoken to the guys at AF1 racing and they said they are on backorder with...
  6. WTB 03-06 wr450 tranny

    Im looking for a complete 03-06 wr450 tranny. Im planning on doing a 5 speed swap in my yz. If you also have the shift forks and barrel that would be great. I would even buy a blown up wr motor if you dont feel like digging out the tranns.
  7. Please help

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi everyone, ive got a 2004 gas gas fse450 and something strange happened. I took it down to the garage and notice it idling slightly higher than usual, when i put it on its side stand and it wanted to move gently backward. I thought i'd better take it home (200m away) but shorty after taking...
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  9. PART OUT: 2001 DRZ400E, sm parts, fun parts, clean parts. (western mass)

    Bike Parts
    All parts came from a very clean running 2001 drz400e, mostly converted to sm 15-20 hours while on dirt, 550 miles since conversion. I can't register it in mass for street use and it all has got to go :( these are used parts! have a question? ask! pictures on request. :::::::::::::: Motor...
  10. DRZ400 SM Motor Needed!!!!

    Looking for a 2006 or newer DRZ 400 complete motor. Looking for one with under 5000 miles but I am open up to all offers. Let me know. I have cash and need it ASAP!