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  1. Bike Parts
    Black Behr wheels/Red Rad Hex Hubs 750.00 STM Slipper Almost new less than 12 laps $750.00 Moto Master Brake Set with adapter and new spare pads $500 Step Seat (Black) $100 Tokyo Mods Ignition $125 Graves Tire Warmers $300 Handguards-Peg & Axle Sliders-Short Front Fender-Michelin take offs 12...
  2. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I recently lost the front brake pad retaining pin and hair pin clip for my Moto-Master set up on my 06 CRF450R. After a few emails Moto-Master sent me this link to buy the replacement parts. Thought it might be helpful if someone else loses or damages the parts...