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  1. DRZ400SM upgrades worth it?

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Ive got a pretty much stock 07 DRZ400sm and want more power. Im thinking of doing 3x3, jet kit, full yoshi exhaust, maybe fcr 39 carb. But the question is as follows: is all this money I would spend on these mods worth it, or would it be better to sell the drz and buy a bigger supermoto, like...
  2. 2003 crf450r supermoto build. Need input what best mods??

    Project Builds Showcase
    I have a 2003 crf450r sm that's already supermoto out. I am a advide road racer I normally ride a 02 cbr954rr on the track band just now getting into supermoto and love it. It's great. Would like some input on making what I have better all and any info would be great. I also have enduro bikes...
  3. WR250X Turbo Project start to finish

    Supermoto pics/vids
    So I have a 2009 wr250x that I have decided to Turbo charge. I purchased the stage 2 kit from and I will be receiving it on the 28th. I plan to video and photo record the project from start to finish to include some dyno runs. I have seen a few videos out there but no build ones yet so...
  4. Keihin FCR MX 41.5 racing carburetor

    Bike Parts
    Freshly rebuild Keihin FCR MX 41.5 racing carburetor for sale, Assemblies: - TPS (throttle position sensor) - Cold start choke - Hot start choke - Oversize bowl drain plug - Fuel mixture screw remote control - Silicone vent lines + filter case with oiled filter...
  5. Best performance for the least $$($110)

    Not the be all-end all of performance, but I found these few things to be a great improvement in the bike for a small investment in money. An MRD exhaust, big bore kit, cams, and FCR would be great, but that is a 2 grand investment. First the JD jet kit, if you have a DRZ you probably already...
  6. 01 Suzuki DRZ Supermoto Pimped Out - 7788 Miles - $3,800 (Chicago)

    DRZ-400 SUPERMOTO for sale. Year: 2001 Miles: 7788 Price: $3,800.00 I'm parting ways with my baby, I have no time to ride anymore. Professionally built and serviced. Synthetic Oil, Engine Ice Coolant. Have all receipts and Documents. Tons of mods. Custom graphics and paint. Over 10K...
  7. Simple mods to offset rear sprocket decrease

    Hello all, first-time poster. I'm a fairly casual rider, my stock '09 DRZ400SM is the first bike I've owned and it's a ton of fun so far. I live in the city riding every day to work, and love it. One of my few gripes with it is how much the engine screams on the freeway. From what I read, plenty...
  8. Boost Speed and horse power on my 2005 DRZ sm

    Project Builds Showcase
    Just got my DRZ a few weeks ago and I do plan on dropping some money into it over some time. What are some of you're suggestions on increasing power. And where should I start? I do a lot of high way driving ( 30 miles one way at 60-85mph) I'd like to get it powerful enough to cruise at 90 with...
  9. New guy with a Yamaha WR250X

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hello guys, just bought a brand new 11 plate Wr250x and was thinking what mods do i firstly need. I was thinking of a fmf fuel programmer + fmf exhaust but after iv broke in the engine abit ie after about 1000 miles. But what mods should i get first??
  10. Gas Gas 450

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey guys, i was hoping some of you can help. I just bought this gas gas fse450, also came with another 2 spare 400cc engines. This is a track bike only although i do have everything to put it on the road. I want to make this as quick as possible, what are some options? Is there like a 480 kit...
  11. How accurate is this article on DRZ mods?

    Chat Some of you guys who have DRZ's could you verify the accusations in this article? Sure I am not doubting how plausible it seems, but because I am looking at a bike to buy going up from my KLR I was...
  12. From Tuono to 06 Husky 510 SM....Brotard!

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hey fellas. I have been riding an Aprilia Tuono for the last 5 years. After riding my mates 450sm for 2 weeks, i sold my T and bought an 06 510SM. Awesome bike, but you already know that. Now, i think that the bloke who owned this before me was a "consertive" rider and the bike has massive...
  13. 09 KLX 250 SF Mods?

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hello in advance. Just got a brand new 09 Klx250SF and seems people within this site could probably give me the best info on how to improve the bike. I have been riding/racing MX for years (Two Strokes) but I don't have a clue about 4 Stroke Street legal machines. SM here in Texas has not become...
  14. The typical first upgrade thread

    i know its been done many times over but here goes another. just payed for a brand new 09 drz leftover, picking the bike up on tuesday and i want to order some goodies over the weekend. i need help deciding the first parts to buy, someone with experience please help.
  15. DRZ400SM List of MUST DO modifications and "FIXES"

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    This seems like a good idea to me; Start a list of "MUST DO" mods or "fixes" for the DRZ400. I am a new owner and I have spent hours searching through all the threads for the most common or "must do" mods for the DRZ400SM. Hopefully this list will help future owners or current owners that...
  16. Please help! I cant decied on my own!!!

    so ive been wanting to get a sumo for a long time now and i will be ready to make my prchanse in Jan 11'. The only problem is every day i am bounceing back and forth between the Husky 510 smr 09' or an 09' drz-400. i am willing to dump about 7k into the bike so if i get the drz it will be for...
  17. Please help! I cant decied on my own!!!

    so ive been wanting to get a sumo for a long time now and i will be ready to make my prchanse in Jan 11'. The only problem is every day i am bounceing back and forth between the Husky 510 smr 09' or an 09' drz-400. i am willing to dump about 7k into the bike so if i get the drz it will be for...
  18. Lghtest DRZ

    i couldn't find this anywhere. Who has the lightest drz-400 and what are some of the mods you did to the reduce weight? Price? Efficiency?
  19. yamaha xt 225 mods

    hey dudes, my dad recently got a 2005 yamaha xt225 to go trail riding with me and it is a great throw around bike. BUT, i know this may sound dumb, but i need to pump it up a little. any suggestions, open air box, tweak with the carb, ANYTHING TO MAKE IT A LITTLE LESS DOGGY. Again, i know its...