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  1. can my bike considered as supermoto?

    Hey all... names Al, from Indonesia. I'm new here. I'm gonna straight for my question. I'm currently modifying my bike (convert) into (what I think is) supermoto. My bike is Yamaha V-ixion, called FZ150i in some other countries. It have similar main frame and engine with YZF R15 and YZF...
  2. CHEAP free-flow exhaust can

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I bought a Husky a few months ago and have been thoroughly been enjoying it in the time i have owned this wonderful machine. *note, if not looking at how to do this yourself, just skip to the pictures* I am a college student and haven't been working much because my place of employment caught...
  3. 06 510 aftermarket exhaust systems

    What are the best aftermarket systems out there to fulfill my needs (top performance)? :D Im riding a 2006 TE 510 converted into SM. I dont intent to mod it into twins. Akras? Leo Vince? Arrow? Zard? Need help deciding!
  4. Garage Door Opener Mod (Yeah, I said it)

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    How's it hanging Motards?* How many of you have a garage door opener attached somewhere to your bike? I do. It looked like this: I didnt like the way it looked and it wasnt very weather proof either. I decided to add a no $hit garage door opener Mod instead. Experience below. COST...