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  1. General Mini Chat
    anyone know where I can find these size wheels for a ktm sx 65?
  2. General Mini Chat
    Hello! Merry Christmas! For years I've been thinking about making a KTM 85 play bike, street legalizing, and using it for short errands around town. My background: I've owned mopeds (pedals, oh yea!), scooters, vintage street bikes, modern street bikes, enduro bikes (currently KTM 500), and 200...
  3. MGKT - Middle Georgia Kart Track
    Hi everyone! We would like to remind you that this weekend is the first SEMRA event of the year at Middle Georgia Kart Track. We hope to see you all at the track. Below is a link to pre register for the event, as well as contact info for SEMRA. Phone: (770)...
1-3 of 3 Results