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  1. KTM 85cc SM in traffic

    General Mini Chat
    Hello! Merry Christmas! For years I've been thinking about making a KTM 85 play bike, street legalizing, and using it for short errands around town. My background: I've owned mopeds (pedals, oh yea!), scooters, vintage street bikes, modern street bikes, enduro bikes (currently KTM 500), and 200...
  2. Mini sumo build from the ground up

    Mini Pics and Vids.
    We recently decided we needed to build up a track designated mini that my wife could go out and have fun on. I had this sitting around, it sucked. 70cc ACME Chinese pitbike. Ordered 12's with rubber off Ebay, just over $200. Theyre the same set that Tbolt sells. It became evident that...
  3. Josh Herrin Supermoto Camp

    Florida Supermoto - SouthEast
    Come and join us for the very first Josh Herrin Supermoto Camp at Middle Georgia Kart Track on January 19-20. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned veteran or a first timer. I will help you to become a better motorcycle racer. So bring your mini or supermoto out and lets have some fun! For...
  4. First (mini) sumo bike CR80 or KX65

    General Mini Chat
    Hello all, I've been lurking here a while but just signed up. I have finally tidied up the garage and need a new project. I am thinking of building a mini supermoto bike to take to the go-kart tracks and maybe race in the rocky mountain minimoto races next year. I have been looking for a kx65...
  5. Drz110 Carb issues

    General Mini Chat
    Alright where to start..stock carb, everything else stock. Have a problem with having the bike stay running while idling. It's fine once I pull on the throttle (except some 1/4 bog :rant: ) but once I let off the gas to let it idle it dies! I have clean this carb beyond believe, and have tried...
  6. 22mm or 26mm carb?

    General Mini Chat
    Have a stock Drz 110 with a very stubborn stock carb..air leaks, stripped threads, and just all the problems you can think of! :rant: I saw that other people have used a cr50 carb on a 110 (22mm)? Has anyone tried this? Or would the original size aftermarket 26mm carb for the stock head be a...
  7. DRZ-110 Stock exhaust mod

    General Mini Chat
    Still getting the bike ready for it's first track day (and mine) :D..I wanted to open up the stock pipe instead of getting an aftermarket pipe because I don't have a racing head on. Heard of "opening up" the washer or restictor plate at the beginning of the pipe that is connected to the head, or...
  8. Yamaha TTR 90 Supermoto Wheel Set $100

    Mini Classifieds
    I have a set of stock wheels from a 2002 TTR 90 mounted with kart track ready rubber. The rear wheel is the stock 12" with Pirelli SL26 120/70-12 tire mounted. The front is the stock 14" with an IRC NR77 70/90-14 tire mounted. The tires were used one day at a kart track by my then 10 y/o...
  9. Round 3 & Round 4 - 2nd Annual 305motard/GoldenTyre Championship Series

    Florida Supermoto - SouthEast
    SuperMoto is alive and well in South Florida as 305motard announces Round 3 and Round 4 in different venues After a successful Round 1 and Round 2, we announce the Round 3 and Round 4 of the 2nd Annual 305motard/GoldenTyre Championship Series. Round 3 Saturday, June 18th, 2011 from 4PM (we'll...