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  1. Michelin Rain Race Tires 120/160

    Bike Parts
    I have a set of Michelin rain tires that i used on my 250 for a few wet track days. VERY minimal ware, still have the nipples on the sides. Size translates to 160/17 rear, 120/17 front These are about 4-5 years old, but have been stored in my heated garage the whole time (never on the floor). I...
  2. 2013 KTM 450 SMR slicks

    My new ride came with METZELER RACETEC SM - supermoto specific tires. The sizing is 125/80 R420 (16.5") front and 165/55 R17 rear. I have ridden on them a bit and they really are quite good. I run Dunlop KR slicks on my road race bikes and my original plan was to go with the Dunlops, however...
  3. The difference between race tires and DOT tires

    Supermoto pics/vids
    can be seen here. snapped a few pics just to compare them for those who haven't seen them side by side. Michelin Pilot Intermediate slicks on the right, ContiRace Attack tires on the left. you can see the huge difference in profile and side contact patch on the Michelin vs. the Conti on both...
  4. Honda CRF 450 SM. Wife+Baby Girl=Parting out

    Bike Parts
    Black Behr wheels/Red Rad Hex Hubs 750.00 STM Slipper Almost new less than 12 laps $750.00 Moto Master Brake Set with adapter and new spare pads $500 Step Seat (Black) $100 Tokyo Mods Ignition $125 Graves Tire Warmers $300 Handguards-Peg & Axle Sliders-Short Front Fender-Michelin take offs 12...
  5. Michelin Pilot Race Tires Came off of KTM SMR Best Offer Lansdale PA

    Bike Parts
    These were mounted on my bike when I got it and I did a street legal conversion, so I had to get DOT tires for inspection. These still have some good life in them as you can see in the pics. There is some marks on the rear from the chain rubbing and there is some discoloration from my bike being...