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  1. Bring the Street Tard - M Gymkhana® 1st event of the year Jan. 17th

    Street Tarders
    1st Event of the 2015 Season for M Gymkhana® If you missed out last year, then come out and give it a try this year. We're already getting ready!!!! Jan. 17th, 2015 12:00-16:00hrs Gardena, CA for a MGX® Experience Day Session City of Gardena Park & Ride Lot at the end of the 91Fwy/Vermont...
  2. Avon Tyres M Gymkhana Spring Championship MAr. 15th

    Street Tarders
    okay fellas, I signed-up for the Avon Tyres M Gymkhana Spring Championship this year at Cal State Univ. of Los Angeles, I'm looking forward to it, cause the weather looks like its gonna be perfect. Starts at 12!!! Can't wait
  3. M Gymkhana Rounds 1 & 2 at Cal State Univ of Los Angeles

    Street Tarders
    Okay guys, I'm entered into the Spring 2014 Championship of M Gymkhana that is starting on March 15, 2014 at Cal State University of Los Angeles. Had a really good time at their practice event in Feb. with the Honda VTR. I couldn't get the DRZ running/setup in time, but the Honda will work until...
  4. M Gymkhana good Training for Supermoto riders

    Other Clubs/Associations
    M Gymkhana is good training for supermoto riders guys! The season is starting up again on Feb. 22nd. It's not exactly supermoto riding (foot down stuff), but for training it's a great way to stay in riding shape and it's perfect for supermoto bikes. their first event for the year is on Feb...
  5. Motogymkhana - Setup

    Street Tarders
    Hey, I've got a DRZ 450 and wanted to get the bike set-up for some gymkhana riding. What should I do as far as setup, suspension (softer/harder), tire pressures (higher/lower), etc... for example this is what I'm talking about... There's an M...