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  1. 2010 KTM 690 SMC best bike I've ever owned.

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    I recently picked up a 2010 690 smc with 3k miles on it. It is the funnest bike I've ever owned and I've owned over 100 bikes in 35 years. Everyone talks about it being a wheelie machine and granted, it does lift the front end up coming out of every corner but when I go to really wheelie...
  2. Koubalink KTM8-2 690 lowering link

    Koubalink ktm8-2 for 2008-up 690 Enduro $110 plus $5 shipping. retails $150 was installed on my 690 when I bought it used with 50 miles on it. reinstalled stock link at around 350 miles on odometer. no signs of abuse or stress fracture.