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  1. 2007 WR450F Headlight + running issues

    Street Tarders
    Hello all, I'm new here, and I'm sorry if this was already asked, but I could not find anything related to my issue. I just picked up an 07 WR450F yesterday. The bike runs great when the light aren't on, but as soon as you turn the light on, the bike loses almost all of its power, and...
  2. 2014 WR450F Electrical / Lighting tips needed

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi all, Motorcycle noob in need of some help. It's my first bike. I use it around town, on the twisty roads in the countryside and on trails. Right now I'm waiting on my SM wheels to arrive. Goal is to have an all-day everyday sm and be able to quick switch to the stock wheels for trails and...
  3. 2012 KTM Sxf 450

    Street Tarders
    is a 2012 ktm sxf 450 a good bike to make a street tard? i wanna convert it to a street legal bike like the drz400's. would this be okay or a good idea to do?
  4. How to convert 2T bike (KTM 380 EXC) to use 100% LED lights for road use?

    Street Tarders
    Hi All, I thought that it's about time I get around to thinking about setting up some lights for my KTM 380 EXC if I'm going to have it on the road by the end of the year... (Hope I found the right forum for this...) The bike is a '99 380 EXC and didn't come with any lights when I bought it...
  5. hid lighting for 05 drz400sm

    Recently bought a hid kit from only the low beam is the hid. The high is a yellow halogen that is horrible. Where else could I get a hi/lo hid kit set up where both hi/lo are hid? And What other lights does anyone use? I was gonna a buy a bigger stator and buy a...
  6. Stator for crf

    Street Tarders
    Probably a million of these threads, sorry. I have most parts needed, I think I just need the regulator and the stator itself. What size do I get, 70w, 90w, 100w? I need it cheap where do you guys get yours?
  7. New Tail light and Turn signals, Mirrors and Plastic for a KLX 250sf

    I have been looking to get new turn signals and taillight for my KLX 250SF for a while now, but over the weekend we had some Jackass go through our parking lot kicking over bikes, and just so happens mine was kicked over and broke my turn signal. I have a FMF pipe on and was melting the right...
  8. What all do I need to street Legalize my KX250F

    Street Tarders
    So i have a 2009 KX250F that i use to ride tracks and trails every weekend and more during summer break. With the gas prices already going way up I can hardly afford paying for gas for my gas-chugging jeep wrangler so my parents decided i might be able to license it. Though it wouldnt really...