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  1. General SuperMoto Chat
    I got a 50watt lighting coil for my 2000 Cr250. Can I run an 18w led light bar and integrated led blinkers/taillight/brake light without a battery? I understand I have to convert the AC to DC with a regulator/rectifier but can I do this without a battery? Also what reg/rectifier should I get? I...
  2. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi all, Motorcycle noob in need of some help. It's my first bike. I use it around town, on the twisty roads in the countryside and on trails. Right now I'm waiting on my SM wheels to arrive. Goal is to have an all-day everyday sm and be able to quick switch to the stock wheels for trails and...
  3. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    okay so i have been wanting to get into sm for a good while now and have been riding on/off 12-13years. my last bike was a yz250 2 stroke and was stolen from me so in my search for a new bike i found an 07 yz450f plated in alabama. i had the bike shipped to me to realize the pics in the ad were...
  4. Street Tarders
    Probably a million of these threads, sorry. I have most parts needed, I think I just need the regulator and the stator itself. What size do I get, 70w, 90w, 100w? I need it cheap where do you guys get yours?
  5. Street Tarders
    The other day i picked up a 2006 YZ250F in awesome shape, since then parts have been rolling in and i've been collecting everything i need to make her "street acceptable" here in Wy. My Problem is that i got a call the other day saying my stator i ordered is discontinued, little more research...
  6. Street Tarders
    So i've been playing around with the idea of turning my 2008 ktm 250sxf into a street tard, but I can't find any possible way to run lights on it without having everything just run off of a battery. I can't find any high output stators for it and I don't think a 250xcf stator will work. Anyone...
1-6 of 6 Results