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  1. Street Tarders
    Hello, I've been lurking for months and ride a converted '06 WR450F that I got back in mid-October. The homemade lighting harness shorted and burned out in November, and I replaced it with the DRC harness kit (with a few modifications to suit my needs). My lights all worked, but the original...
  2. Street Tarders
    Hi All Just got a DRZ 400SM - the bike came with a HID Country brand HID front light- One of the relays went bad so I am going to replace the kit and I was thinking about using the Same kit to replace it -- $49-- The kit has Both the HI and Low beam on One bulb --I think when you switch...
  3. Street Tarders
    Hello SMJ my name is Brent, I have been riding for 17 years, and I finally got myself onto a supermoto bike at the beginning of this summer. I did a lot of research and ended up buying a Suzuki DRZ 400s. The bike has been great, no issues at all, decent power, and I've got to say this is the...
  4. Suzuki
    i couldn't find this anywhere. Who has the lightest drz-400 and what are some of the mods you did to the reduce weight? Price? Efficiency?
1-4 of 4 Results