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  1. Project Builds Showcase
    Hey Peeps, Just showing my progress for a turbo set up on the 690 very much at the working out stage and i will post more when close to completed otherwise its an instresting build so far ! Parts Td025 turbo internal wastegate 1 bar spring 2innch piping and mini intercooler Scavenger pump for...
  2. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    Gday my name is frank from perth australia this is my 690 SM, i have had the bike for 7 years and really is a fun solid bike, always thoight the beak was to much though i have lived it to begin with then didnt like it and now like it again šŸ¤£ it has always been a great bike to flick around the...
  3. KTM
    New to this forum. I have a Ktm 690 enduro that I turned supermoto. Wings slip on, Rottweiler intake, power commander. I recently blew the engine and has been rebuilt with new valves etc. doing break in miles now. I noticed that there is an open hose sticking up near the Rottweiler filter now...
  4. Wanted
    Im looking for a descent deal on a full exhaust for my '07 ktm supermoto. Will take new or used but not damaged. Thanks