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ktm 690 smc

  1. Hey from Toronto, Canada!

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hey guys & girls, name's John, 21, single :laughings (Click pictures to see the real size) So a little background story as to how I eventually got a Motard. I grew up in Portugal, small town in Braga. My family was all about dirt bikes & quads. I learned how to ride on a Banshee 350 2 stroke...
  2. New 690SMC owner from Birmingham UK

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hi all! Been a member on here since 08 but not very active, always wanted an SM but always worried i'd miss the power of a jap inline 4 bike. Well, i took the plunge on friday, traveled 650 miles in a van, taking 14 hours, and now have my beautiful KTM 690 SMC! Seriously can't believe i didn't...
  3. Daddy & Son - Supermoto Summer

    Supermoto pics/vids
    Hi everyone ! The summer is gone, this is boost morale, a video with my Dad & me, hit some beautiful french road. V
  4. 2008 ktm 690 smc $5500 sold

    2008 KTM 690 SMC - SOLD Will ship it on your dime! Great Condition - 7926 Miles KTM Air Filter and Hand Guards. Otherwise it is stock. Runs Great. No stalling, etc. Needs new rear tire. LCD is flaking out but still works (known issue on these) Ignition switch is sort of hard to turn but...
  5. Ktm 690sm Help Please! Opinions and Advice!

    Street Tarders
    New to this supermoto scene but 100% into it. Looking to get a bike soon! Have a couple in mind that were posted in my last post, but for now I just want some pros/cons,reviews, and info from some 07 or newer KTM690sm owners or anything remotely close to that. People say the bike is ugly, but I...
  6. Lucy the 2008 Ktm 690 SMC

    Street Tarders
    Hey folks. I figured Id start a thread for my girl Lucy. So far I have had her for about three months. I have 14xxx miles and was fortunate enough to get her from someone that cared greatly for her (Manager from Ktm dealer owned it for 90% of its life). It has a full fmf exhuast, uni airfilter...
  7. New guy from San Diego, CA

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hey! Proud supermoto owner as of 12-13-12! I got my Ktm 690 smc with 13,050miles on the clock it is extremely well kept and has all the service records. Had to wait 6 months to find her but all fell into place and picked her up in Ventura, CA during peak rush hour traffic :) Nothing like a 8...
  8. my ktm 690smc mods and repairs

    08`smc akra cover, foam filter, scorpion exhaust vortex 14000 miles odo,do not eat oil. 2,5k miles ago checked valves, and they were ok 16x42 gearing Recently (around month-two), I began to notice that the reduced power. it may seem to me that, but top speed is also reduced. 118-120 m \ h ->...
  9. KTM 690 SMC - 3K Mi - Renazco Seat - All Black - Albuquerque, NM

    2009 KTM 690 SMC 2,8XX miles Asking $7400 - would like to sell within this century though. Perfect condition. 100% fully functional. All black plastic (Retail ~$240). Includes original orange plastic (perfect condition). Renazco comfort seat retail ~$350 (original not included) Never raced...