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ktm 690 sm

  1. Wheelie-ing a 2007 KTM 690 SM

    Supermoto Tips & Technique
    Alright guys, finally decided to make a thread on this subject, as i couldn't find a specific on 690 SM's >_<( It's actually kind of hard to find ANYTHING on the 2007 690 SM, everyone thinks the 2008+ are cooler and better T_T) Anyways, wheelies! So I'm not really "new" to wheelies, as i've...
  2. Yet another newbie, KTM 690 sm, south east UK.

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Having given up sports bikes, I decided to get a KTM 690 sm, best thing I could of done!! Grin factor of ten!! Had it for 3 weeks now, and just done the soft mods, derestricted the 2nd & 3rd gear trick, K&N RU1750 filter in standard opened box, and o2 sensor bypass. Have standard pipes but the...
  3. So it comes to this.....Drz or Ktm

    Street Tarders
    So with the street bike out of the question for obvious reasons thanks to you enthusiastic mofo's :thumbup: I have come to the ultimate conclusion on two Sm's 06-12 Drz400sm 07-affordable Ktm690sm :hmmm: So I guess for the third time I'm just going to ask for which is the better option...
  4. Why my 07\690 sm it's louder after i change the oil???

    Hi, i just change the oil and i feel it's louder and has more vibration :headscrat Maybe it's because i was stop by a cop and gave me a ticket because it was to loud, maybe it the same and my head it's playing with me, he stop me because speeding and riding between cars and other bullshit, but...