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ktm 690 enduro r

  1. Ktm 690 enduro R supermoto rim 4.25" vs 5"

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey everyone, New to the forum, I was looking for some opinions of 4.25" rims vs 5"? I am buying a set from motoxindustries and I can either get 4.25 or 5. What is the difference with the two? From what I've seen from looking around is that smaller rim equals better handling but bigger means...
  2. is the ktm 690 enduro r exhaust 2015 and smc r 2015 exhaust the same???

    Hello lads, ok so i wanted to buy a smc r 2015, but where i live (in kenya) none are available. So im buying the 690 enduro r 2015 which is available. Sumo set up will happen shortly. Im about to purchase the sc project exhaust for it. Now im wondering if the smc r exhaust and the enduro r...
  3. 2014 ktm 690 enduro r smc conversion front wheel issue

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey guys, My brother and I recently purchased two KTM 690 enduros with the idea of converting them into supermotos. along with the bikes we purchased 690 sm wheels from our ktm dealer with a 160 rear and 120 front pilot road 3 tire. we were able to get the rear wheel on with no problems...