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  1. Supermoto pics/vids
    Onboard KTM380 in a Race in Europe April 28th 2013. Andreas Mikkelsen SM Build & Rider. More on the bike here: - - -...
  2. Street Tarders
    Hi All, I thought that it's about time I get around to thinking about setting up some lights for my KTM 380 EXC if I'm going to have it on the road by the end of the year... (Hope I found the right forum for this...) The bike is a '99 380 EXC and didn't come with any lights when I bought it...
  3. Project Builds Showcase
    Hi, i'm in the process of stripping, cleaning and making my ktm 380 into a street legal supermoto, i've always wanted a big 2T and when this came up i had to have it, here some pics from the strip and rebuild The bike as i got it, was not in bad condition, owner had looked after the engine but...
1-3 of 3 Results