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  1. xc 250 sumo tire/wheel recommendation?

    Just plated my 2011 ktm xc 250 with a slavens 300 kit. I'm looking for suggestions on cheaper rims and tires. First supermoto and always wanted a 2 stroke sumo any advice is very much appreciated.
  2. ktm exc 125 for street&off road

    Supermoto Tips & Technique
    hey guys i want to ask you a question im a 16 years old teen ager i am starting to lern for a licence and i relly want a bike that can handel off road in vications and street riding here and there is it possibel to buy a ktm exc 125 with off road tire&supermoto tires and switch betwen them for...
  3. I need 14"or16" supermoto wheels

    General Mini Chat
    anyone know where I can find these size wheels for a ktm sx 65?
  4. KTM 380sx for trade.Clarion, PA.

    Want to see if there's anyone interested in trading their street legal supermoto for my 1999, 380sx. I will add cash on my end. Kicking around doing a sumo build, but more interested in trading for a complete sumo or sumo project. This bike is a blast to ride and would make an excellent sumo...
  5. 1999 KTM 380sx Sumo Build in the works?!

    Project Builds Showcase
    Hello all, I introduced myself a few weeks back and mentioned I had picked up a clean 1999 KTM 380sx. The bike had approximately 50 hours on it when I purchased it for $1,200 bucks last summer; I think it was a fair price. :headscrat I've been riding everything and anything for years and I've...
  6. 17 Inch Marchesini Super Moto race wheels - SOLD

    Bike Parts
    17 Inch Marchesini Super Moto race wheels I am looking to sell my 17 inch Marchesini Supermoto wheels. They are in great condition have been well taken care of, and still have Dunlop Medium compound race tires on them. 16.5 x 3.5 inch front wheel 17 x 5.0 inch rear wheel 2 Dunlop medium...
  7. KTM SX 300 Sumo

    Supermoto pics/vids
    & New exhaust-designs to keep the noise in control! Visit: