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  1. '09 KLX250SF Pricing

    Complete SuperMoto noob here from KY. I owned a 2005 Kawasaki Ninja 250, but sold it last March in hopes of upgrading to a dual sport of some sort at some time. I never found one I was interested in until I found a 2009 KLX250SF online (I'm a girl and of the bikes feel too high, heavy, or I...
  2. Throttle Tube

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    I just got a 2009 KLX250SF and need a new throttle tube. Some background info: I was "trying" to take the grips off to put new ones on and ended up breaking half the throttle tube because the grips were glued on. I went to the Kawasaki dealer to get a new and was told that they have to order it...
  3. Picking up a stock klx250sf SUGGESTIONS?

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Saturday I will be buying my first supermoto. It is a 09 klx250sf with only 1400 miles on it. It is completely stock and over time I would love to add some mods to it. Any suggestions tips ect?? Im new to the supermoto world and I have a dirt bike background but my street bike knowledge as of...
  4. Project Stealth KLX 250 SM

    Project Builds Showcase
    If anyone wants to know how i murdered out my 2010 KLX 250 SF - 1 word - PlastiDip
  5. KLX250sf to 351 questions

    Hows it going all new to the forum and to the KLX250 I've ridden motocross for 7ish years. And Have always done my own work. Hence why I purchased a Moto, and even more the KLX. However it i slacking in power and when I bought it it was pretty well opened up. Currently Im at Two bros pipe...
  6. Anyone from rockland? Post pictures of your supermoto !

    Local Supermoto Ride alerts
    i love watching videos of supermotos doing wheelies and seeing pictures so post em!
  7. Best Sprocket Setup

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I would like to change up the sprockets on my KLX 250SF its current/ stock 14/39. I know if I drop one tooth up front its like gaining to on the two in the rear. I also know it will drop my top speed, I dont ever take the bike on the interstate, and I never "need" to go 80+. I would like for...
  8. New guy

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Im a new guy, live in upstate NY,go to college locally, 19 years old 6'4'' 190 lbs. and 4500$(and gaining) to my name. My parents always deprived my brother and I of powered vehicles(we live in a suburb, lots of neighbors) but I love motorcycles but have never had the chance to own one for...
  9. Raise suspension

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I have a 2009 klx250sf, I'm 200 pound the person I bought the bike from was shorter and a lot skinnier so he had it lowered. This is my first bike I was wondering if I just tightened up the rear spring it would raise the seat height. Ps the person that sold it to me claims he only cut the front...
  10. Looking for supermoto! North east Ohio 4000$

    Found a nice drz thanks to wheeling cycle supply! Thanks!
  11. 09 KLX 250 SF Mods?

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hello in advance. Just got a brand new 09 Klx250SF and seems people within this site could probably give me the best info on how to improve the bike. I have been riding/racing MX for years (Two Strokes) but I don't have a clue about 4 Stroke Street legal machines. SM here in Texas has not become...
  12. Two Brothers M7 Exhaust on KLX250sf ..Help Please

    Street Tarders
    i recently ordered a Two Brothers M7 exhaust from a store on ebay due to them giving me the best deal, but im starting to think i should have just spent the extra hundred and bought from 2brothers directly.. I know im not the only person who has had this problem, due to seeing other people...
  13. 12oclocklabs aftermarket Tail light and blinkers on KLX 250SF

    Street Tarders
    Yesterday i got my new Edge tail light and blinkers from It was $130 well spent! Makes the bike look alot cleaner. Plus from what i hear, it'll be good for when i change the exhaust. It was kind of a pain to install, but looks alot better than stock, thats for sure. What do...
  14. Exhaust Opinions! help please!

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    I recently bought a 2009 KLX250sf, and im just curious what Slip-On exhaust is best for this bike. Im not really all that worried about power, but i do want to make it loud, the stock exhaust isnt enjoyable at all. I've done some looking around on the internet as to what is available for this...
  15. Klx250sf Trick pics. Prove to sport bike buttmunch's that a 250 can have way more fun

    soooo, my friend seems to think that a 250 is nothing, and you cant do any tricks on a klx250, come on kawa's , prove him wrong, if you got a picture of a klx250sf or even a klx250s doing any stunt [wheelies, stoppies , going up stairs, etc] please post it, I dont pick up mine until april when...
  16. Jets, stage 1 & 2, ????

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    whats a good jet kit for a klx250sf, and should i go stage 1 or 2? I will put a full exhaust, what else do I need to make it work, do i have to do something to the snorkel? And lastly, this seems like a job I should get some proffesional help with and seems a bit complex beyond my mental...
  17. Plastics for 09 klx

    Any one know where i can get plastics for a 09 klx? I checked OEM and it came out to like $500 so cheaper than that thanks like this is my goal...
  18. Headers and performance on a klx250sf

    So, how much of a difference will a full exhaust make, compared just a can and the stock pipe, performance wise, is it worth the $139 for the powerbomb, or should i just stick with the powercore and the stock pipe Thanks
  19. Sliders Install for a Dumfart [Klx250sf/ D-Tracker, or any bike, idk what im doing]

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Well, im new to bike riding, and new to this forum got about 1000 miles under my belt on an old Yamaha. The time finally came to purchase a new bike and stop mooching off my friends. I was split between drz400sm and wr250x [where i live, every used bike is overpriced, and beat to hell, and good...