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  1. General SuperMoto Chat
    Hey all! So I recently found a 2006 KLX250S that I am going to purchase and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for parts to convert it to supermoto? I was looking at a set of wheels and tires from motostrano (http://www.motostran.../kit-w9tire.htm), but it seems that this...
  2. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    Recently just found this awesome site. I have a 2012 klx 250s just got into the motorcycle world fully this year. I been to one big motorcycle ride on road, two or three off road rallies. So far I love my little 250. So far: Two set of stock wheels Michelin t63's 90/90x21 and...
  3. Project Builds Showcase
    If anyone wants to know how i murdered out my 2010 KLX 250 SF - 1 word - PlastiDip
  4. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    I Just recently turned 18 about a month ago and I'm looking for a cheap bike, not anything too fancy. I found a 2007 Kawasaki KLX250 on craigslist near me but it's got a few problems with it. It's got about 7800 miles and he's asking $2,300. The pipe has a little dent in it and the plastics are...
  5. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I want to convert my KLX250s wheels to supermoto wheels and was wondering if anyone knew of any brands that will fit my bike and what else needs to be done to switch over thanks.
1-5 of 5 Results