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kawasaki klx 250sf

  1. Best Sprocket Setup

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I would like to change up the sprockets on my KLX 250SF its current/ stock 14/39. I know if I drop one tooth up front its like gaining to on the two in the rear. I also know it will drop my top speed, I dont ever take the bike on the interstate, and I never "need" to go 80+. I would like for...
  2. Help finding aftermarket 2009 KLX 250SF Parts??

    Street Tarders
    i've looked at a few of the major motorcycle parts stores such as dennis kirk and motorcycle superstore and nobody seems to carry anything Klx 250sf related. I've decided to keep this bike until next riding season at least so i was going to put a few little mods on, but i cant find anything or...