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jet kit

  1. 2014 drz400sm.Which jet kit should i go with and what all will i need?

    Just got a new 2014 drz400sm and need to get more power out of it. I have started on the 3x3 mod, have a BMC race filter and a full Yoshimura RS2 exhaust to put on it. What would be my best bet on a jet kit and what parts will i need for it. I hear to get allen bolts for the bowl. Do they come...
  2. Anyone running FMF?? What jet kit do you run?????

    Hey errrbody, I just threw a full fmf system (powerbomb header and powercore 4 slip-on) on my bike and was wondering what jet kit i should use. I am right about at sea level, maybe 400 ft above at most. The exhaust sounds great and added some mid range power, but im sure now that its...