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  1. 2007 SMR 510 Kickstand and Key ignition

    Guys, Brand new to the site here. I picked up an 07 SMR 510 and have been giving it a complete overhaul. Got her running strong, but there isnt a kickstand on the bike. Tired of leaning it on random walls while im out. Im having trouble finding any information on aftermarket kickstands that...
  2. Spark ignition timing KTM 450 SMR RFS

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I just did a high compression piston and bigger cam. I'm going to be tuning the carb and noticed nobody talks about adjusting the ignition timing. I'm assuming most bikes of the '06 vintage have some sort of HEI distributor-less ignition system but can someone give me more info on how the bike...
  3. EXC 200 2013 Keyed Ignition

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hello everyone, I read quite a few posts already, as well as talked with Sicass, but still haven't found the answer I am looking for. This is why I registered here before I make an order for a keyed ignition, because I want to be as sure as I can be, that the part will actually fit and work...
  4. WR250X won't start!

    Hey guys, as of yesterday, my WR250X won't start. After turning on the ignition, I can hear the fuel pump. However, when pressing the starter, I can hear some strange noise from the area of the air intake and the display goes dark as if turning the ignition off. Then it comes back on and the...
  5. KTM 690 SMC Ignition & Fuel tests with TuneECU

    I got my 690 a few months ago and like most people wanted to get it running like it should without all the restrictions.. So I read up on all the forums and found there were a lot of opinions about the factory maps (akra map is lean, evo1 map is rich etc etc) but no real data to back it up. So...