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  1. wild riders for motorcycle clothing line!!

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    hey guys, my name is eddie diaz and I'm from long beach ca. I decided to start a motorcycle clothing company, and my dreams are to be like Icon, but better. I know its not easy and it will be a long shot, but I will do what it takes, they had to start somewhere. so once i get everything running...
  2. Icon Variant...

    Where can a guy find a blue Icon Variant Etched other than an XS ...I've trekked through multiple pages of Google with no luck. Does ICON still make the etched version anymore? I went to website and didn't even see it, who knows.
  3. Icon Squad II Pack Mil-Spec (yellow)

    Here's all the info on it in the link below. It's an awesome pack, but I got it as a gift and actually already had one. It's brand new, still has the Icon tag on it. It's heavy duty quality Mil-Spec material. The gray cammo sections are reflective. I'd like to get around $100 shipped...
  4. refinish your helmet for less than $30

    put together this video of my buddy and i refinishing my icon variant helmet. variant construct to flat black for less than $30.
  5. Riding Gear

    New to the forum and sumo.. Couldn't find a thread related to gear so thought id make one... Was wondering what everyone rides in on a daily basis?? Just bought my bike and am looking at the Icon Variant Construct as my new helmet and Shift Avenger Jacket/gloves.. In the meantime its my mx...
  6. New ICON Variant Helmets: Construct and Battlescar

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    ICON has put out some killer new models of the very popular Variant helmet. The new ICON Variant Construct and the ICON Variant Battlescar Helmets look great and have all the same technical features of the original