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  1. How many hours before piston change? Husqvarna SM510R

    Street Tarders
    Hey I have just bought a Husqvarna SM510R and I have a simple question: How many houers can i run before I have to change the piston? This is a street bike. Best regardes from a newbie in the supermoto community :D PS sorry for my bad english I am from Norway :P
  2. 2005 Husqvarna smr 510 front brakes

    Street Tarders
    Wondering if any husky SMR 510 riders know of the best brake pads for the front brakes on the brembo calipers. I have a 2005 model and recently took it to a mechanic who changed the disc and pads and the brakes are now no where near as powerful as they were previously. I've given them a chance...
  3. 2010 Husqvarna 510 smr 6th gear gone

    I purchased a 2010 510 smr about a month ago with 4500 miles. Put less then 30 miles on it running around town and heard a loud noise in 6th gear which sounded like chain slap. The noise only occurred when I got on throttle in 6th gear. I thought maybe it was just chain slap since the chain...
  4. Need advice on tuning 2010 SMR 510

    Hi Guys, I just bought a 2010 SMR 510 with 4,500 miles on it. The guy i bought it from was the original owner and kept it pretty stock. He pulled the O2 sensor and chopped the stock dual arrow exhaust. I am not sure if he had it re-mapped but i dont think he has as there seems to be pour...
  5. New Supermoto rider from San Diego

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hi everyone. I just bougth a Husqvarna SMR510 and I think is a great machine. I can't wait to be at the track with her. The only issue I have is that I am 5'6'' and this bike is kind of tall for me. I don't want to intall a lowering link because I know is going to mess up with the geometry of...
  6. Husqvarna SMR 517 2008 - Wont Start

    Hi guys! I'm having some troubles with mi Husky (SMR 510 2008), he doesnt want to start! :damn: The thing is that after a month spending the winter in my garage it was time for me to do some adjustments like change oil/oil filter, air filter, change the tires, etc, etc (no valves check yet, it...
  7. 08 husqvarna 510 SMR advice!

    New to the site, just got a 08 510 SMR with 405 miles....curious about what are the best gaining and sensible upgrades. It has an arrow slip one it stock otherwise. Curious about "uncorking" it. A power up kit? Steering stabilizer, etc. any and all info/wisdom or suggestions is appreciated!
  8. Husqvarna 510 SMR advice!

    Street Tarders
    Afternoon! Just picked up my first husky! 08 510 SMR and it's bone stock. I can post pics later hopefully but the guy I got it from didnt give me too much info. It has 405 miles(I know, awesome) I'm curious to know what are the most sensible upgrades that need to be made. It has been sitting for...
  9. Need Help! Found Broken Tab/Bracket where Suspension Linkage attaches!

    Street Tarders
    I recently had a chain roller come loose and fall off. Thankfully I noticed it pretty quickly and there was minimal damage from chain rub on the frame of the bike. While I was looking for damage I did notice that the bracket my suspension linkage attaches to had a decent size section of the...
  10. Soon to be an ex 2006 SMR 510 rider :(

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    I read the rules to posting threads and I am supposed to introduce myself. I have been traveling back and forth between Singapore and Los Angeles and so my bike has been in storage most of the time. I love my Husky but now I will be working and living in Singapore full time and sadly my bike...
  11. 07 Husqvarna 510 SMR - COMPLETE PART OUT!!

    Bike Parts
    I have my 07 510 SMR parted out and ready for sale. I bought the bike from a user here back in 07 where it's life began at Loudon NH. I took it to Deals Gap 3 times, all over the New England back roads, rode it over the Continental divide on Loveland pass and the canyons out here in So.Cal...