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  1. WTB: 2008-2010 Husqvarna SM 610

    Been lurking SMJ ever since May 2013 when I bought my first supermoto, but have delayed registering...until now! Looking for a 2008-2010 Husqvarna SM 610. There were plenty of them online for sale a month ago but as soon as I sold my previous bike (KTM 690 Duke) all of the Huskies were sold...
  2. Husky 610 2nd hand,No Valve Clearance checks at 5000Miles....Risky buy???

    I'm after some advice if someone on here could help out in any way it would be much appreciated. Looking at getting either husky 610 sm or ktm 620/640 sm, Iv seen a husky in London(2007 model sm) it has 5400miles on the clock but has no stamps in the book, the guy says he has done the oil and...
  3. Husqvarna SM 610 parts - Keihin MX41 carb/front forks/rear shock/swingarm/plastics

    Bike Parts
    2007 Husqvarna SM 610 Parts For Sale. All parts are +shipping from Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 Feel free to PM me if you want better/specific pics or to negotiate. Cheers, John -Keihin Carburetor FCR MX 41 (new gasket and o-ring kit is included) - $250 (SOLD) -Sachs Rear Shock - $200...
  4. SMR510 - Good Deal?

    Hey guys, New to SMJ so sorry if I fail at this, so bear with me. I am in the market for a SMR510 and there is a 2010 on CL for 6k and it has 3500 miles. Ref: It has quite a bit of aftermarket parts and seems to be in fairly good...
  5. husqvarna smr 510 07 engine - engine cases wanted!

    looking for 07 husqvarna smr 510 engine or just the cases... send me pics and price shiiped to 91980 [email protected]
  6. 2008 SM450R Back Fires

    I am getting a weird shutter/hesitation and back fire happening around 6k-7k rpm at certain throttle positions. I can either power through it with more throttle or just shift early. The bike is running the power up kit (arrow exhaust) with a power commander V with autotune (Doesn't appear to...
  7. 2006 610 electic start Husky camshaft need!

    Hi, folks! I`m looking for new camshaft for my 2006 610sm electric start Husky. Your suggestions)
  8. 2008 Husqvarna SM510R - Cleveland, OH

    Looking to sell my 2008 Husky SM510R as I'm not riding it right now. I commute daily but use the FZ1 as it is a 100 mile round trip on the highway. The only use this year was my annual trip to Deal's Gap for a week and that saw less than 500 miles. ASKING: $5,500 with all accessories Title...
  9. 530 BB Installed

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey guys. Just finished doing a full rebuild of my 06 510 SMR and put in a 530 kit. Sounds awesome, but there's bad news... It has heart stopping knock now :plzdie: Everything was done to perfection, my only lead is this: Before I installed the head gasket with the 530 kit I measured it and...
  10. To 530 or not to 530?

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey guys, Another 530 BB question for you. I have read as much as I can on here about this but still would like your expert advice. 2006 510 SMR, going to be rebuilding the top end and possibly the bottom. I don't want to do the bottom if I don't have to but we'll see. So my question is, do...
  11. 2010 husqvarna smr450 hid kit

    Where can I buy a hid kit for my smr 450 it's a 2010 husky I can't fin no web site to buy it please help the oem bulb sucks ass riding at night
  12. 08 610 sold!

    Sold!! Sold!! Sold!!
  13. 2009 Husqvarna SM510R SoCal $6,200

    Hi, I putting my 2009 SM510R up for sale. Some facts about the the bike- I'm the original owner, the bikes never been down, it's well maintained (Motorex 10w-60 only, valve checks, ect). The bike does have a few mods that in include a power commander PC-V, billet quick-turn throttle...
  14. Husquavarna smr 511 akrapovic exhaust

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I've just picked up a full akro pipe for my 2011 smr 511 and I've read some mixed opinions about removal of the o2 sensor can anyone confirm if this is correct? Am I able to remove the o2 sensor and fit the new pipe if my bike is already set as race map 2 or will I still need to flash the cdi?
  15. Any known (2007) 510 SMR Transmission problems?

    Hey Guys, I am considering retiring from husqvarna for good. Pretty fed up with a transmission issue I have been dealing with since I bought the bike with a known trans problem (6th and 5th had lost teeth with roughly ~4000~ miles on engine). I was under the false assumption that it was a good...
  16. Help Me!?!?!?! husky smr 510 problems

    Street Tarders
    ok so Im new to smjunkie. I resently came across a 2006 husqvarna SMR510. my wife has been eanting a new bike for a wile so I thought what the heck. so I got it. when I got it, it was note running, the kid I got it off of had rebuilt the engine, it rean for 15 minutes then died, and would not...
  17. 2008 Husqvarna SM510R - Wilmington, NC

    --UPDATE-- Unfortunately, buyer had a family emergency and is not able to purchase. This bike is now available. I posted more photos and a video. ----------- 2008 Husqvarna SM510R -power up kit. dealer installed and tuned. -brand new rubber front/back -brand new battery -brush guards...
  18. 04-05 Husqvarna parts/parts bike (Feeding the habit)

    I am looking for a parts bike or just parts for my 04 TC 450. The list is long enough that I have been told to just buy a newer bike, but I can't. I really enjoy riding the bike as well as building it the way I want it. So what I'm looking for is a 04-05 TE or SM 250, 400, or 450. The basic...
  19. sm610 decision... Please help

    Hi guys. Here is to hoping I can get the info I'm after to make my choice. Last year I had to sell my 2001 sm610s due to a new member to the family and much needed funds but the time has come to look at getting another and after riding a couple of different ktm models that my brothers own I...
  20. 07 Husqvarna Smr 510 hard to start and wont stay running

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I just recently purchased a used 07 smr 510 it has 4000 miles on it and i got the receipts from all dealer maintenance including oil changes and valve clearance checks which were done 200 miles ago and after 2 weeks of riding it it stalled out on the road. The battery was dead so i replaced...