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  1. Project Builds Showcase
    Hey guys, I would like to get some thoughts on my build and maybe some suggestions for improvement. :D
  2. Husqvarna
    Hi fam, I had recently bought a used 2012 husqvarna txc511 (which was only produced for 11 and 12). The already came with 17inch wheels, with 60 road and 40 off road tires. I planned on putting some sticky tires and ride on gokart track. However I did some research on the bike looks like it is...
  3. Bikes
    decided to sell my FS 450. This bike has 3 hrs on it. Mint! Fresh tires and first service done by dealer. $ 8700 or appropriate trade for current model supersport, track ready is a plus. 214-850-6152. Thanks
  4. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    Just want to know if anyone else was able to make one of these street legal
  5. Supermoto Tips & Technique
    Hello guys, I just recently sold my 2008 Husky SMR450R bored to a 100mm with the Toxic Moto high compression piston and had the RR timing cams etc in it. Absolutely lovely bike for both aggressive road riding and track days/amateur races but I wanted to do a brand new bike build and not have a...
  6. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi all, Recently got a Husky 610sm fitted with a Barrett exhaust which I have found that the angle that the exhaust gas exits has been cooking the plastics and destroying indicators. What exhaust have other fitted to combat the issue? (Photos if possible please?) I have tried looking for other...
  7. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey guys so i have a problem,last week when i was riding i was at the gas station and after filling up i noticed that my Fuel Tank is dripping out from below. So i disassembled the tank, took out the gas and went to look at it, it's a hairline crack so really small thing so i tried getting it...
  8. Husqvarna
    701SM wheels, tires, brakes, fender eliminator kits, tail tidy kits & newly found OEM New forum to help narrow down some of the current trending topics buried down a little in the other forum posts. This will focus on the 701 Supermoto wheels, wheel graphics, tires, brakes, fender eliminator...
  9. Wanted
    Looking to buy a Street Legal Supermoto. Would prefer 525 exc/smr, 510 smr/te, husabergs etc but am open to other bikes as well. Have cash in hand for people in the New England area also NY, NJ, PA. Might consider non converted bikes as well Thanks
  10. Husqvarna
    This will be a thread to post pics of your new Husky, issues since you bought the bike, component replacements, upgrades, workarounds, OEM tires, ECU changes, upgrades, etc. Tip 1. When you get the cable from your dealer (you shouldn't have to pay for it) there are 3 settings for the ABS. One...
  11. Husqvarna
    I figured I'd break up a few of the new 701 issues. Pre-delivery, getting one from the dealer you put down a deposit for and missing or incorrect parts.
  12. General SuperMoto Chat
    Does anyone have any info that might help. I am trying to find a rear hand brake kit for my bike and non that I can find list the SM under what they fit.
  13. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    Hey guys, first post here as I just joined the forums so cut me some slack. A quick search didn't really turn up anything about the new 701 Supermoto that's coming state side in March. I just placed my $500 deposit on one at a not so local dealer as nobody close got one. They all ordered a few...
  14. General SuperMoto Chat
    Does anyone know where you can get these RIM decals?
  15. Husqvarna
    I've been lurking a while and finally am taking the plunge on a 2010 510SMR that I found with ~1500mi on it. Bike is clean, no rash/damage, everything fine, completely stock. Unfortunately, it's a few states away so I can't see it until I drive up to look at it. So, for you SMJ gurus, I've a...
  16. Husqvarna
    I need help, run out of ideas. Engine starts to knock suddenly. It's knock at idle below 2000-2500rpm. Sounds really bad and I've got no idea what is this. Was replaced the piston because of slack and clutch basket buching (it has grooved a little). Was checked connecting rod and crankshaft its...
  17. Supermoto pics/vids
    Guys I am giving the vlog thing a try. Here is my first attempt. I would appreciate some feedback from you fine folks. Any feedback is appreciated. I would also like to ride with as many great folks as possible so I will update this thread as I travel around and can meet up with the SMJ family.
  18. Wanted
    Hi, I'll looking for a dealer or dealers in Ohio, who have competitive prices on the latest model 500 EXCs and/or the FE501S. I think Kentucky would work as well. Then I need a dealer who will work with customers on the cost of parts and labor for a sumo conversion. I'm out west right now...
  19. Wanted
    crashed my bike on the track messed up the frame and many other things. I pretty much have all the other parks ordered but still need the frame which is probably the most important. A few plastics are also broken so if you have those too that would be awesome.
  20. General SuperMoto Chat
    Hi guys, maybe this topic has been talked about in the past but for the life of me, I couldn't find one. Any opinions on these 2 bikes for track only use? I know the YZ is a 4-speeder while the Husky is 6. Any comments, tips, recommendations are appreciated. Thanks,
1-20 of 70 Results