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  1. OEM Suzuki DR-Z400SM Rear Wheel Hoop Size on purpose

    Street Tarders
    Did Suzuki make the DRZ SM rear rim on purpose size 4.50 so people have to buy an OEM part for twice as much? For some reason I cant find a Excel hoop in size 4.5. Only 4.25 and 5. Its frustrating! I dented my OEM rear wheel and I`m looking to replace the hoop. Any suggestions?
  2. Chipped and Dented My Rear Rim

    Street Tarders
    Being a hooligan and riding through an empty park I chipped and dented the rear hoop on my DRZ400SM. Either i didn't have enough air pressure or i was going too fast or a mixture of both. Anyways is this fixable or should i just get a new hoop and lace it to my hub?
  3. WTB: front hoop (3.5X17--36hole) and rear hoop (4.25X17--36hole)

    I am looking to buy straight new or used hoops to build my super moto. Need to be a 3.5x17--36hole front and a 4.25x17--36hole rear. I would be willing to buy entire wheel assemblies for the right price, but am really just looking for some hoops. Let me know what you got and please PM me with...