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  1. Help: '14 WR450F Brake Problems

    Hey buds, I'm building '14 WR450 Sumo, and when changing the wheels, I pushed fluid out of the rear caliper to get it to fit around the new rotor from Warp9, then when installing the rear pressure sensor I obviously lost brake pressure. Now I CANNOT get any pressure to build in the rear brakes...
  2. 2007 WR450F Headlight + running issues

    Street Tarders
    Hello all, I'm new here, and I'm sorry if this was already asked, but I could not find anything related to my issue. I just picked up an 07 WR450F yesterday. The bike runs great when the light aren't on, but as soon as you turn the light on, the bike loses almost all of its power, and...
  3. Drz400e and sm cylinder head compatibility

    Hi all, I recently pulled my drz400e 2000 top end appart, after several valve adgustments to find the valves need replacing as theyve been receeding. I was going to get the kit and get it all fitted at my local shop for $650 for parts and labour. I recently found an entire drz400sm 2009 topend...
  4. NEED HELP 2007 DRZ400s to SM conversion

    Project Builds Showcase
    Hi guys! New to the forums and will like to ask you all for a little bit of help. A little bit of back story to this, I am a high school student doing a supermoto conversion for my senior project and have run into an issue. I purchased the warp 9 sm rims from motostrano with the front wheel. The...
  5. Needing help for my first motard bike! (new member)

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hey Guys, Im from Sydney, Australia and looking to buy a motard bike for my L's, so the bike must be lams approved (bike approved to drive on L's). Do you guys have any options or opinions i've got around 6k AUD to spend and want a mean looking motard and obviously has to be quick and a head...
  6. Questions on 08 Aprilia sxv 550

    Hey everyone, New to the forums but long time lurker ahaha.. So, I've read quite a bit on the 550 had a few questions for some people who own/had one. The bikes an 08 with 6,500 km on it which is around 4,000 miles. Buddy is asking $6,500 but its been up for a few months seems quite high...
  7. Dr350 to Gs500 wheel swap. Help!

    I've been converting my 1994 dr350se to a SM setup using gs500 wheels. I have some technical questions about the swap for anyone who has done it. Based on my research I need the following. Rear Wheel: 1.Machine 5mm off rotor mounting surface. 2. Turn rotor to 220mm diameter and 4mm thickness...
  8. New rider Looking for first bike.

    Street Tarders
    Hello all I'm Josh. I am new to riding motorcycles and am in the market to find a good bike for me. A little about myself is I'm around 5'7 maybe 5'6 and 225lbs. I will be riding the bike twice MAYBE three times a week on the highway (100km/hr) for a round trip of 90km's. I have looked into...
  9. DRZ400SM what is your sag?

    Just bought my DRZ a few months ago and I love it. I use it to commute back and fourth to work. I started out on a Dirt bike KX250F but I didn't get to ride it enough. Still have the dirt bike, ride it when I can but with the DRZ I can ride everyday NICE. At first I was thinking I should set the...
  10. Any1 Ever made a handbrake for a drum brake?

    Any1 Ever made a handbrake for a drum brake? Building a c90 that starting to look bit like a super Moto :D im raceing it in MAY!!! and the back brake leaver is in the wrong place because i have moved the Pegs As we know C90's are semiautomatic and don't have a leaver on the left side of the...
  11. Need some advice on klx450

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    So i might get a 08 klx450 for $3500. speedo says just over 300 miles which seems good to me. i am thinking of doing a supermoto conversion but still have a set up for dirt if i choose to. just trying to get your thoughts on this bike and if its good for doing this? i would like to be able to...
  12. Xr250r Street legal

    Street Tarders
    So found the problems to the motor which were the piston rings, gaskets, and valve seals. (Maybe all of them or just a couple) Ordered the parts from bike bandit and they are on their way! Hopefully the parts aren't on back order, unfortunately the site does not say........ I'm dying to ride...
  13. xr250 First bike problems!!

    Street Tarders
    So after much debating and questioning I've come to the conclusion to save my money and go ahead with a "project" bike of sorts. I realized I would just be jumping too ahead with a Ktm690 and or 610sm so I decided on waiting, saving, and learning on this 1986 (oldish I know) xr250r that I picked...
  14. Ktm 690sm Help Please! Opinions and Advice!

    Street Tarders
    New to this supermoto scene but 100% into it. Looking to get a bike soon! Have a couple in mind that were posted in my last post, but for now I just want some pros/cons,reviews, and info from some 07 or newer KTM690sm owners or anything remotely close to that. People say the bike is ugly, but I...
  15. New obsession! Need Advice from the Riders!

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hey, names Kcim and I've been looking to get a supermoto or enduro for the past month and have been on the undying hunt for some good information. Seems to me that this site is the best out there in retrieving the exact information i need. :thumbup: Too be specific, I have come to the...
  16. lookin good ??

    Hey guys! and im just wondering if i would look good on a supermotard (ktm husky etc.) if im like 183cm-185cm ?? and would i fit it nice ?:rolleyes2::headscrat
  17. rookie needs welp

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    whats up guys, im new in this and my first real bike its a yamaha XT 600 E from 1993 I want to transform her in to a supermoto but i have no idea where to start, im from portugal and the parts here are too expensive for my budget. so can someone help me whit some points were i can get parts that...
  18. Yamaha wr250x Power Commander Maps

    I was just wonder what other maps are out there other than the ones that come with the power commander itself. Right now i'm running a Big Gun EVO R exhuast with the air box lid removed and stock air filter does anyone know the best map to run with this set up or is their a custom map that with...
  19. New to the supermoto world 06 husky sm610 almost 5000 miles

    Street Tarders
    Hello every1 im new 2 the supermoto world and i have a 06 husky sm 610:thumbup:... i have been on it 4 a whole year now and was just wondering if i can get some help on diff things i can do with the bike 2 make it my own... i already know about the leo vince exaust...:headscrat thats about it...