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  1. wr426: What is this hole on the side of the head?

    I just bought this bike a month ago, and was wondering what this hole is. It's the one with the red arrow pointing toward it. It does not have a plug or anything in it, but a similar looking hole nearby (green arrow) does. Should there be a plug, or is it supposed to be like that? Thanks in...
  2. new top end on cr problems

    General Mini Chat
    I have been working on a friends 1999 Honda Cr 80 he had blown the top end and had some pretty bad scaring in the jug so save a few bucks he got a "2003 CR80" jug off eBay that had a new standard bore sleeve in it . The jug also came with a new piston and ring the ad says it is a Wiesco...
  3. So i bought the Fly Trekker Dual Sport Helmet... IT LOOKS HUGE!

    Delete this thread if possible, posted in wrong section! You can find it in the lobby