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  1. Local Supermoto Ride alerts
    Hey guys! I was riding around alone, and I saw some peeps on supermotos. I was hoping to meet up with some people and go for a ride and goof off a bit. I just dont know anyone on a supermoto except myself :lol: I would be down to ride anywhere near the DTC area, so I guess Parker, Littleton...
  2. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    Hello, I am one leader of Smotogasm. Smotogasm is a finnish lifestyle / motochannel on YouTube, we are making videos of our riding and stunting. You can find our crew on YouTube(, Facebook and Instagram(@Smotogasm). We want to entertain our viewers with many kinds of...
  3. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    Hello everyone, just wanted to throw out an idea about a supermoto facebook group. Lets still keep the fourm going for the technical stuff but i think it would be awesome to start a supermoto facebook group. It would be faster and easier to share photos and info. Just an idea. Any admins wanna...
  4. Local Supermoto Ride alerts
    I'm going to be heading out into the backroads of Baltimore and Howard County this Sunday around noon for an hour or two if anyone wants to join me. The specific area I have in mind is Granite, MD - tons of nice windy roads to putt around on. If anyone wants to join me, PM me or respond here!
1-4 of 4 Results