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  1. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    Im going to be getting a 2012 CRF450X (bone stock) and I want to make it street legal and convert to supermoto. I live in Georgia and you are required to have: atleast one mirror, turn signals, tail light, headlight. Im looking for the cheapest way to convert and also any info on getting a tag...
  2. Mini Racing and Events.
    Hey guys! Just a friendly reminder that the there is a SEMRA race at the house this weekend. Hope to see you there. If you are not able to make it to this one we will see you at round 2 of CAMMRA!
  3. MGKT - Middle Georgia Kart Track
    Hi everyone! We would like to remind you that this weekend is the first SEMRA event of the year at Middle Georgia Kart Track. We hope to see you all at the track. Below is a link to pre register for the event, as well as contact info for SEMRA. Phone: (770)...
1-3 of 3 Results