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  1. Custom LED brake/blinkers on WR450 SM with pics

    Street Tarders
    I took the LED brake light/blinkers off my FZ600 after I crashed that, and would like to install them on my WR450. I'm not sure how to wire this though. The bike has a Baja Dual sport kit. I'm planning on mounting it on the side plates like how it was on the FZ6. Any ideas which wires go...
  2. WTS: AR 2005 yz450f supermoto street LEGAL! plus extras...certain trades $3500

    Hey guys well i picked up a xr650r and well i dont race so theres no reason for me to keep the ol' yz450 so im putting her up for sale or trade. SO first things first lets get the specs out of the way. Bike: 05 yz450f street title The bike had 20 hrsish on it i was told and I would agree...