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  1. KLX 250s/sf 2009-2014: FMF Q4, Offroad wheels + tires, Brake caliper bracket.

    I have an 09 250sf. Want an fmf Q4. It has to be a Q4. I don't like loud exhausts. My DG with silencer was too much. I also want to convert my bike to dirt, so I would like offroad wheels plus tires and rear sprocket and a front brake caliper bracket (sf has bigger rotors and different...
  2. WR250X slip on exhaust

    I just bought a 2008 wr250x and would like to do a few things to it. I currently don't have enough money for a full exhaust. I was going to buy the fmf powercore 4 slip on exhaust and when I had the money buy the powerbomb header and programmer later. Does having a slip on need the programmer...
  3. DRZ fmf full exhaust

    Bike Parts
    Wanting to sell my exhaust. its a Q4 muffler with the power bomb header. The header has a very small dent/scratch from falling over on a rock. The system is only 6 month old and works great. sold my bike and kept the exhaust. $275+shipping. Please txt for more info @ 417-629-7558. Its in great...
  4. KTM EXC-R 530 exhaust 08' --->09'

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I am currently shopping around on for new riding gear as they have a great selection, and I thought while I am at it, I would upgrade my exhaust (for pure sound purposes mostly). However they have not got the option for the 2009 option as it was not released in the US, so I am...
  5. DRZ SM Exhaust-MRD or FMF

    I'm looking for a pipe! Used preferably because I will be ceramic coating it before it goes on my Dizzer. Anyone with an FMF or MRD pipe that they want to sell please hit me up! I'm also not looking to pay retail on it so spare me the $500 MRD offers! :thumbup:
  6. ~My o8 WR250X~ . . . . AfteR the SupermotoJunkie ChoPPing BlocK ! ThAnKs ! EnJoY !

    Supermoto pics/vids
    08 WR250X 5k miles MODS AND SUCH ~fmf powercore exhaust ~fmf programmer (3/5.5/.5/8/4/4.5) (31 hp dyno tune, I got off of here somewhere) Works well i feel, any suggestions? ~Mamba lowering link ~k&n air filter (airbox mod) ~protaper Handelbars ~protaper risers ~protaper 47t rear Sprocket...
  7. Ktm fmf factory 4.1 rct full system

    Bike Parts
    Full titanium FMF Factory 4.1 RCT exhaust system: Anodized blue muffler with carbon end cap Titanium mega-bomb head pipe Used system, normal use wear and tear (no major marks or dents etc) Removed from a 2012 KTM 350 XCFW, but should fit many others Refer to FMF website's part fische... If...
  8. WTT: Drz Exhausts?

    I know this is a long shot but if you're more into off road then street riding someone may be interested. What I have for trade is a FMF Powerbomb Header with a Custom Shorty Powercore4 Muffler. I'd be interested in trading for the dual Yoshimura system made for the DRZ400SM, I don't mind if it...
  9. Exhaust on a 2009 Husky smr 510 (on a budget)

    hey, I'm looking for a brand new exhaust system on my husky (smr 510 - 2009), what are the alternatives still available considering we're in 2012, soon 2013? :hmmm: I'm not completely rebuilding my bike and putting some crazy stuff on it, I just wan't to increase the power a bit, probably...
  10. 07 DRZ400sm Columbus, GA

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Picked up my bone stock drz last tuesday and fell in love! today bought racetech 6kg rear spring, fmf powercore + powerbomb header and new avon storm 2 tire. They should all be here tuesday, im also doing the 3x3 tomorrow and buying a jet kit; seems like its running lean. Any other suggestions...
  11. Northern New Mexico, Southern Colorado, Husaberg FS570

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hi everyone I am from the north west corner of new mexico, I recently bought a 2011 FS570 and have been browsing these forums sense for any information regarding the bike I bought and the sport in general. I have ridden for about 15 years now and current own a 2000 yz426 as well. Have seen a...
  12. Ktm 690 duke exhaust & plastics

    Hello, I know this is a long shot but I thought it was worth a try. I am looking for an exhasut slip on for my '09 690 Duke. I just cant justify spending $500-$700. My thoughts are if someone out there has a slip on that they would be willing to sell. Maybe your selling your bike and we all...
  13. KTM Parts-Complete FMF 4.1, 2 Oversized Tanks, Stabilizer, Stator Upgrade Kit

    Bike Parts
    All parts are off a 525 XC with low hours. Price includes shipping. Payment is through Paypal, unless you know a better way (I don't like PayPal because it's owned by EBay). Shipping is from California and I will send items out within a couple days of purchase and will keep updated list of what...
  14. Dear WR250X, Merry Christmas. . . now lets get you fixed up

    Yamaha just kicked my ass. I just ordered distanzia's :D , fmf pipe, the wiseco fuel programmer an oil filter and some grips. I'm excited about this fuel management. The price is fair, I've never had a bad piston from them, and I really like how the adjustments are setup...
  15. 02 CRF450 FMF "Q" With spark arrestor

    Bike Parts
    I have a brand new pipe that I ordered, but I found a different one that I want. I bought it for $250 I'd sell it for $200 plus shipping. Thanks
  16. 02 slip-on 03 header? Help!!!

    So I bought a 02 crf450r fmf slip on thinking that it would fit on my 03...and it didn't. will an 02 header pipe fit on my 03 and match up to the slip on? I think that the 04 header pipe is shorter but I'm not sure what will work. I have 7 days until my highway patrol inspection...if I don't get...
  17. stolen ktm 530 super moto in baltimore rewardd

    my 2010 ktm 530 super moto was stolen this past weekend i think it went to the city it was a bad mofo. half orange n black rims full fmf exhaust clean bike if ya hear or see of any one partin or sellin one please send me a message
  18. Shooting flames like a boss? Good?

    Well I was out getting my bike all street legal and I went to a place called Bobs Motorsports in Phoenix and found a nice fmf powercore 4 for a good price so I couldn't help but pick it up. I got home like a giddy girl and when I threw it on it started to shoot flames when I let of the throttle...
  19. Headers and performance on a klx250sf

    So, how much of a difference will a full exhaust make, compared just a can and the stock pipe, performance wise, is it worth the $139 for the powerbomb, or should i just stick with the powercore and the stock pipe Thanks
  20. Anyone running FMF?? What jet kit do you run?????

    Hey errrbody, I just threw a full fmf system (powerbomb header and powercore 4 slip-on) on my bike and was wondering what jet kit i should use. I am right about at sea level, maybe 400 ft above at most. The exhaust sounds great and added some mid range power, but im sure now that its...