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  1. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    First post here, have owned three sport bikes in upstate New York where the riding is vast with twisty roads or long country roads, great for sport bikes or cruisers, however I just moved to Florida in an area that is grid like roads with light after light, so I figured a supermoto would be a...
  2. Florida Supermoto - SouthEast
  3. Local Supermoto Ride alerts
    new guy here looking to find some sumos dual sports enuros whatever in tallahassee to ride with let me know boys and girls
  4. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    I'm trying to make a cr250 supermoto here in FL. Any one have any suggestions as far as wheels and sprockets and rotors? I'm not looking for headlights or anything I'm going for a supercross street bike that I can romp around on lol. Also I would eventuly like to swap a cr500 motor in. Has...
  5. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    Hi everyone, I'm Lasse, a Norwegian living in Daytona beach. I've been riding for about 8 years, where most have been sport and sport touring bikes (fzs, SV650, etc) I've recently got myself an 05 DRZsm, which i love because it takes me back to my first dirt bike i rode as a kid. I've been...
  6. Street Tarders
    Hello Everyone, I know this has been talked about plenty of times before. Recently I found a really good deal on a new wr450 here in FL. The only problem is getting a tag on her. Here is what i know about it. The title will have off road use only from the dealer. I know I can transfer it to...
  7. Florida Supermoto - SouthEast
    THE "4TH ANNUAL 305MOTARD.COM SOUTH FLORIDA SUPERMOTO" CHAMPIONSHIP IS ON!!! 10 rounds at 3 different tracks... and the amazing chance to win a 2013 CRF450R and other fabulous awards. Bridgestone contingency. Round 1 at P.B.I.R. (Palm Beach International Raceway former Moroso) Sunday, March...
  8. Bikes
    I bought this bike 4 years ago and have ridden it 2-3 times a year. I've ridden in once in the last 12 months. Since the kids have gotten old enough to race harescrambles with me, I rarely get out by myself on the SMR anymore. The bike is in good shape and fully prepped for the track. The...
  9. Florida Supermoto - SouthEast
    Real Supermoto is alive and well in Florida! presents the last round of the 2012 championship. One more time "Under the lights" Changes on the track, faster than ever. Dirt section improved!!! Saturday, June 9 from 7PM MiamiGP Raceway, Opa Locka, FL More info:
  10. Florida Supermoto - SouthEast
    ONE MORE NIGHT UNDER THE LIGHTS!!! Round 5 3rd Annual 305motard Championship 2012 Saturday, May 19 from 7PM MiamiGP Raceway 3990 NW 132 Street Opa Locka, FL Dirt, jumps and "asphalt only" classes For more info:
  11. Local Supermoto Ride alerts
    If anyone has any places that are out of sight and would like to meet up somewhere sometime let me know. Need to find a few places to go and screw off.
  12. Florida Supermoto - SouthEast
    ROUND 3 3RD ANNUAL 305MOTARD 2012 CHAMPIONSHIP Sunday, March 25th - 10AM/4PM MiamiGP Raceway - Opa Locka, FL For more info:
  13. Florida Supermoto - SouthEast
    ROUND 8 (Grand Finals) 2nd. Annual 305motard/GoldenTyre Championship Series Sunday, December 11 from 9AM to 4PM MiamiGP Raceway 3990 NW 132 Street Miami, FL Dirt and jump section!
  14. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    Hey everyone. My name is Matt. I'm a nursing student from the Stuart/Port St. Lucie area of southeast Florida. I have been riding an 09 DRZ400SM for a year now (15,000 miles). Most of my riding is done around undeveloped, uh... developments? You know, the good 'ol hit-n-run style. Get in...
  15. Florida Supermoto - SouthEast
    SuperMoto is alive and well in South Florida. After a successful Round 1 we announce the Round 2 of the 2nd Annual 305motard/GoldenTyre Championship Series. Round 2 will take place at MiamiGP Raceway on Saturday, May 21st, 2011 from 4PM (we'll race under the lights). Pre-registration open on...
  16. Florida Supermoto - SouthEast
    SuperMoto is alive and well in South Florida as we can announce the 2nd Annual 305motard/GoldenTyre Championship Series. Round 1 will take place at MiamiGP Raceway on Saturday, April 9th, 2011 Pre-registration closes on Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 Almost same classes as Florida Supermoto (Thanks...
  17. Wanted
    i am in the market for a used WR250X. i prefer black, but blue would be ok. lower the miles the better. i am located in florida so the if you were in driving distance that would be ideal. i am looking forward to making a purchase so if you have one for sale that fits what i want shoot me an...
  18. Bikes
    Hi All, The time has come for me to sell my hyper. She has been a blast to ride for the past year, but as life changes so must i. Standard 1100, non-s model, new front tire less than 50 miles ago. The only upgrade i have done are the carbon fork covers. She comes with a cover, helmet, gloves...
1-18 of 18 Results