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  1. dirt track tires or wheels 19"

    I am looking to get into dirt track and want to buy some dirt track wheels that will fit in my RMZ 450. I can work with other models through. Send me info on what you have. also have a complete front supermoto wheel to trade or sell.
  2. Anyone in Illinois?

    Local Supermoto Ride alerts
    Is there anyone on here in Illinois, preferably central IL. I'm in Pekin (near Peoria) and I have never seen any supermotos around, mostly harleys. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a new bike :D and would like to have some fun lined up.
  3. Newbie! Just got myself a DRZ! Beginner question!

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hey I have been on this forum for a few weeks prior to buying my 05 drz400, and just picked it up this last weekend and already love it! I road 2 and a half hours on the way home and it was awesome! My question is when I got home I jumped it about 2-3 feet a couple of times onto my driveway...