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  1. Custom YZ450F Race Ready / Never Ridden (Orange County, California)

    YZ450F (Custom Race Bike / Never Ridden) ($9,800 OBO) Find Photos Here! This is a race ready bike that was custom built from special Yamaha Factory Racing, Graves SuperMoto Team (Henry, Burkhart, etc.), and other parts (full list and details available upon request). Aside from having the...
  2. SMS 630 ECU number Is it a limp one?

    I am interested in getting a factory ECU that has better mapping than mine. I have a US ECU factory #8H00 H1643 This number is on the bottom of the ECU under the seat. Any body that had dyno run with 50hp from the factory. And it would be nice the find out what ECU number is on the bottom of...