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enduro 690

  1. KTM 690 enduro wheels wanted!!!

    Hi All. I am looking for a set of enduro wheels for 2008 KTM 690. I would be happy to exchange my supermoto wheels or buy it at reasonable price. If anyone have a set for sale or would like to swap please get in touch. I am based in London UK. Thanks!
  2. 2010 KTM 690 Enduro R convert to Supermoto

    Project Builds Showcase
    Hi all Ive just bought a 2010 690 enduro, I want to convert it in to a supermoto. Is it possible to fit 2012 KTM 690 Duke Marchesini wheels onto it.? (i have found a set on Ebay for a reasonable price) Also i have fitted a Scorpion slip on can that came off a sports bike. It sounds great nice...