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  1. Need Husqvarna EFI ibeat software + Cable

    Looking for ibeat software and cable to make adjustments to a 2008 Husqvarna SMR510 EFI. Thanks, Sam
  2. Sold the DRZ! Next build EFI CRF 450 tard!

    today i sold my 2003 suzuki drz400s that i did a 17" wheel swap on. time to save some more chedder and pick up an 09+ honada crf 450 then tard it out. the reason i sold the drz was becuase the weight of the bike made it slow to react. The bike didnt feel very flickable in the twisties, granted i...
  3. 08 Husky 610SM high revving problem in "N"....?

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hello everyone, new to this forum but have heard this is the place to get hard answers. i recently got home from a short ride, and upon staring my Husky back up it seemed to have a mind of its own. I started revving really hard up to 4800, down to 2200, up to 4500 and back and forth. It seems...