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  1. DRZ400e lighting HELP!!!

    Ok so i decided to put some new bars and a fender on my bike and sure enough i do and they look great but as soon as its done and put back together the head lights brakes lights blinkers or essentially any of the lighting will not work. the bike itself will start and run but the lights will just...
  2. 2008 DRZ400SM Motor Part out!!!

    Bike Parts
    Hi I am parting out a motor from my drz400sm. I am parting it because SOme bearings need to be replaced and it needs a new oil pump. I didn't want to pay 900 in labor fees so i bought a new motor and installed it. Still Have the passenger pegs! SOLD STATOR COVER, CYLINDER HEAD Everything...
  3. 2001 DRZ400S Converted to SM | Charlotte, NC

    SOLD SOLD SOLD 2001 DRZ400S converted to supermoto. Buy mine with all the mods you want or buy a newer one probably with more mileage and have to spend tons of money adding the mods. Only 3013 miles (goes up as I still ride it)! Don't let the age fool you. Beatiful rare blue plastics you cant...
  4. DRZ400 FCR Question???

    From my searches it seems that the fcr 39 with the removable intake (or is it exhaust side) is best. You can pick one up for about 350-400 used from what I've found. Will the fcr 39 without the removable intake work???...from what I've read it's a pain in the ass but possible. But i've found...
  5. SOLD! Complete dirt wheel setup for DRZ400SM - Dallas, TX

    Bike Parts
    SOLD!! For sale is a complete DRZ dirt setup to bolt on to a DRZ400SM. As is, it will convert your street worthy Suzuki 400 Supermoto into a dirt worthy off-road machine. With these wheels added to existing DRZ 400 SM, it'd be like having both SM and S models (but your S is upgraded with upside...
  6. New to supermoto but far from new to motorcycles

    (Dammit!!! I just typed this whole thing up, only to realize I cant post pics from my iPad!!! or can I???) Been snooping around this forum and TT for a few weeks now, and finally decided to break down and buy a DRZSM. So far, it's been the best decision of my life! Haha little run down of my...
  7. Drz400sm SME Axle Slider Set - $80shipped New Cumberland, PA

    Bike Parts
    Wheels SOLD! :bannana: Still for sale: SME slider set for the same bike in gold front axle, rear axle and handlebar sliders. All sliders have the lettering worn off. Have been down in the dirt but never on pavement, minor scratches. Handlebar sliders are just the sliders, no hardware -$80...
  8. 2009 DRZ400SM, Making it my own.

    Project Builds Showcase
    So I've decided to make a thread to update, as I do things to my bike. It may not be the most exciting thing but I will slowly change things to make it my own. Watch out for the next month or so because I have a few parts coming my way. I will also post new gear that I get and what not. Enjoy...
  9. Mechanical Knowledge

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hi All, I'm new to the forum and a complete beginner to bikes too. I have had a car license for 3 years and am completely bored. I turn 21 on the 27th November and have been drooling over a DRZ400SM for about a year. Now that funds allow it, I want to do my full bike test via instant access...
  10. Strange symtpoms... help diagnose?? DRZ400SM

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Firstly: Before suggesting I use the search engine, I should make clear that I have. Extensively. I am stumped because of the combination of so many strange symptoms, each of which could be attributed to small fixes, but something does not seem right about the way my bike has been acting. So...
  11. "Homemade Swivel Mount & Linkin Park Dubstep in the Swedish Summer Sunset"

    Supermoto pics/vids
    "Homemade Swivel Mount & Linkin Park Dubstep in the Swedish Summer Sunset" Managed to get a clip together again despite having injury and a shitty bike against me! :D
  12. DRZ400 Red Hot header during idle and Exhaust Pop during Decel

    Street Tarders
    I've seen posts about others with a red hot header. Some say its normal, some say its too lean. The bike also pop's a bit on deceleration. There is an aftermarket Yosh off-road exhaust installed. Trying to figure out the best option to fix either or both of the issues. Here's the posts I...
  13. DRZ-400SM - 5th Mod: Braided brake lines (pix!)

    Street Tarders
    Not long ago I was in our local Moto-Guzzi/Hyosung/etc shop buying some phattie grips for the DrZed. I noticed a braided steel brake line sitting there and didn't think much of it till a few weeks later--when I wandered in the other day. It was on the clearance table so I, what...
  14. drz400sm oil leak

    Street Tarders
    Hey what's going on? I have an 05 drz400sm and last year the manual cam chain tensioner oozed oil out of the Allen head bolt on the left side. I used some silicone around it last year. There is an o-ring inside. I dunno what I should do since it didn't hold up that long. Is there a place where I...
  15. 2007 drz400sm $4000 iowa

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Hey crew, I have a 2007 DRZ400sm I am looking to sell. Bike has 4600 miles on it currently and has been very well taken care of. Many people think the bike is brand new. Has never been down, dropped or even taken off road (I know, a sin...
  16. This a good deal?

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hey there, new to the site.. Im from WI, 17 years old.. parents bought me a 06 Drz400s (enduro) when I was 16. I wiped out pretty bad a few months ago, and the mother went bazerk; said im gonna kill myself, etc, you know how that goes. As a result, theyre selling it. I turn 18 soon, and am...
  17. DRZ400 SM Wheels & White Plastics

    Bike Parts
    Selling my supermoto wheel setup because I've switched back to dirt setup. This setup was used on my 2003 E model, but should work on S & SM models just the same. Also, a full set of white plastics. All in good condition. Includes DRZ400S headlight shroud, radiator shrouds, side plates (a few...
  18. DRZ400sm fuel problems help

    Street Tarders
    ok i have a 07 drz400sm full yosh 3x3 and jet kit for whatever reason when im on the highway 50-65mph maintaning a constant speed my drz feels like its starving for fuel and jerks me around, but when i give it gas it accelerates just fine. it only does it when im at higher speeds trying to...
  19. [B]Anyone in the Peterborough, NH area that could look at a bike for me?[/B]

    I know I started a thread about this like a couple days ago, but I am assuming the seller sold the bike and just never told me because he just stopped texting me and is avoiding E-mails. Sorry for any inconvenience I caused anyone. :( Just send me a Pm. Thanks!
  20. tri-state motards

    Local Supermoto Ride alerts
    Hey guys if you are in the ky, oh, area around the tristate hit me up for some rides soon, me and a few others are looking to get with other motards and ride together, my email is [email protected] , email me for more info and my number and we will meet soon and have a ride, we are...