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  1. Help With Jetting.. Drz400 with 470 Big Bore Kit and FCR41mm Carb.

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I picked up a 2002 Drz400s the other day with a newly installed 470 kit, and FCR 41mm carb. The bike is currently running rich, bike accelerates pretty well with occasional stumble, however when maintaining a constant speed at about 25% throttle say 25mph it will stumble and run rough. It's not...
  2. Help..Drz 470 Big Bore Jetting w 41mm FCR Carb

    I picked up a 2002 Drz400s the other day with a newly installed 470 kit, and FCR 41mm carb. The bike is currently running rich, bike accelerates pretty well with occasional stumble, however when maintaining a constant speed at about 25% throttle say 25mph it will stumble and run rough. It's not...
  3. DrzCaliSM

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Traded in my 2016 R6 for a 2017 drz400sm. I love this fucking bike. just put in a delkevic full system and I'm roaring dude. Still learning about this bike and more mods to come. I do a lot of highway riding and I don't wanna be screaming at 80-85.
  4. drz400s no power at speedo

    My knowledge of motorcycles is very limited, so please bare with me if I didn't include any crucial information. I am in the process of converting my Drz400s 2006 to a supermoto, and I was installing the Trail Tech Vapor. I disconnected the stock speedo, and when I connected the vapor to the...
  5. Cliche question, but which supermoto should I buy?

    Hello all I am looking into buying a supermoto, but I have the same problem with alot of people and that is im unsure on what to go for. Ive seen alot of threads with people asking the same question except everyone ive come across is asking about them as a daily commuter. I however get a car...
  6. Mocking up a 12 o clock bar for the DRZ400

    Hello fellas I have been in the process of making a 12 bar for my drz400sm and had some questions. As far as making the bars and what not i find easy. What i had a question about is where to bolt it up too. I saw one guys posts on a thread and really liked his simple setup. Anyone know where it...
  7. Help registering my DRZ400

    Ok, I have a question. I live in Kansas where out of state vehicles have to have the VIN inspected before they can be registered. I recently bought a Suzuki DRZ400 that was previously registered in Oklahoma which I know is street legal since DRZ400 from the factory have all the needed...
  8. Drz400e and sm cylinder head compatibility

    Hi all, I recently pulled my drz400e 2000 top end appart, after several valve adgustments to find the valves need replacing as theyve been receeding. I was going to get the kit and get it all fitted at my local shop for $650 for parts and labour. I recently found an entire drz400sm 2009 topend...
  9. 2002 drz 400e electrical problem

    I recently bought an 02 400e. battery housing was loose and fell off taking the battery with it. I touched the wires to the posts threw the battery in my bag and rode a little further. Stopped at a lake and accidentally touched the wrong side to the posts and couldn't get it started. I was told...
  10. DRZ400SM Shifting Problem

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Recently i was headed over a bridge in 5th gear. I got to the top and started the steep descent but my exit was halfway down the bridge. I pulled in the clutch and downshifted to neutral to coast through the exit but i couldn't shift out of neutral. The shifter just vibrated whenever i tried...
  11. Will these fit?

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I picked up a 2004 drz400s a couple days ago and want to put SM bits on it. I know most say get an sm from the start, but there was nothing else near me and the price was great. Anyway, I've found a set of wheels locally but I'm not sure what kind of stuff I'm going to need to do for them to go...
  12. Riders in inland empire

    Local Supermoto Ride alerts
    What's up everyone I'm looking for fellow supermoto buddies to ride with. I love in fontana and ride a lot. I have a super chill spot to do wheelies and shit pretty close to my house. I practice there every weekend I know everyone is always looking for spots lol. Anyways I'm new here so feel...
  13. Newb!

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hey everyone, So the site told me to post because i'm new, so I figured why not? Currently sitting here in Afghanistan finishing up my tour, and plan to buy a DRZ400sm for my first bike. I have ridden that, a DR650, and a CBR600. BY FAR the most fun out of all three, but I am preaching to the...

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Came across this Drz yesterday on internet. Does any one know what plastic this is??
  15. An unfortunate event had led me here

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Howdy y'all. I was on my way to my mechanic yesterday for some maintenance work. About 1/2mi away from it, I came to a traffic light on red. Immediately after coming to a complete stop, I was engulfed in white smoke. The oil was leaking badly so I pulled into a gas station. Not knowing what...
  16. DRZ mrd ssw or Yoshi rs2

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I am looking into either an mrd or yoshi exhaust and want to know perks. Bike already has hot cams, bored and stroked 70cc over, fcr carb, etc. The only thing stopping me from the mrd is noise level. I've listened to videos but that doesn't do much justice. I keep hearing about the noise level...
  17. DRZ400 dirt wheels and gel seat

    Bike Parts
    Rims and tires off a 2005 DRZ400S. Good shape only 3k miles on rims and very few on Shinko Trail Master tubeless tires. No sprocket included, has S front and rear rotor and I also have rotors of an SM I would be willing to part with. Asking $600 + shipping.[SOLD] Also have lower gel seat in good...
  18. DRZ Dirt Wheels

    I have a set of stock DRZ s wheels with almost new Shinko Trail Master tires. What would be a reasonable asking price? No rotors or sprockets included. About 3k miles and in good condition.
  19. WTT: DRZ gel seat for stock seat

    Wanted to trade stock black drz seat for my good condition black gel seat.
  20. 2009 DR-Z400SM in Florida

    Perfect bike. 2009, bought it new and it has about 1800 miles on it. Hardly been ridden, and never on dirt, only grass a few times. It is bone stock. Has had it's oil changed and inspections done at the dealer a couple of times. It's on synthetic. Performed dedicated hard break-in procedure...