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  1. General Mini Chat
    Alright where to start..stock carb, everything else stock. Have a problem with having the bike stay running while idling. It's fine once I pull on the throttle (except some 1/4 bog :rant: ) but once I let off the gas to let it idle it dies! I have clean this carb beyond believe, and have tried...
  2. General Mini Chat
    Have a stock Drz 110 with a very stubborn stock carb..air leaks, stripped threads, and just all the problems you can think of! :rant: I saw that other people have used a cr50 carb on a 110 (22mm)? Has anyone tried this? Or would the original size aftermarket 26mm carb for the stock head be a...
  3. General Mini Chat
    Still getting the bike ready for it's first track day (and mine) :D..I wanted to open up the stock pipe instead of getting an aftermarket pipe because I don't have a racing head on. Heard of "opening up" the washer or restictor plate at the beginning of the pipe that is connected to the head, or...
1-3 of 3 Results